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Complete Guide to Employee Appreciation

How do you build a strong company culture? Two simple words: Thank you.
Appreciation comes in many forms other than that little phrase, but expressing even the smallest form of appreciation to your team cannot be overstated. ePayPolicy has developed a culture of energized teamwork and productive growth. Our focus remains on our clients but it’s imperative to build a strong foundation at the core of our company.

For us, it starts at the top. Our co-founders Todd and Milan are motivated, interactive, and always seek better relationships with the team. These genuine actions promote a positive environment where the team can grow and develop.

After this leadership develops a driven mentality in their employees, they act on it. If you’re constantly asking “How can I encourage?” people will thrive because of you. Setting and achieving goals doesn’t always have to come from management, sometimes it’s inspired by management. 

People aren’t strictly motivated by raises or bonuses anymore. We are motivated by the chance to grow, to move up and take on more responsibility. ePayPolicy utilizes this by providing more autonomy to team members as a subtle but meaningful form of appreciation. Just imagine how wonderful it would feel to hear, “You’ve done a great job and we’ve noticed. We’ll let you take it from here.”

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” The same could be said in the corporate world. When people are excited to come to work, motivated by their peers and opportunities, they produce better results. 

Simplicity is best. So thank you, ePayPolicy team – for supporting, teaching, loving, inspiring, and collaborating so well with each other.

P.S. – Small gifts are an easy win for clients and employees to feel appreciated. When onboarding new team members, we love to give out welcome packages with our branded swag!

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