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The Top 5 Insurance Podcasts for Agents in 2020



Podcasts are changing the digital, on-demand media game and transforming the way we consume information. Concepts and strategies that were once being presented at large summits and conferences are now being converted into condensed podcasts that do more than just educate but inspire. 

As an insurance agent, you’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition from tips on how to improve your skills in areas of sales, branding, management, and marketing to looking outside the insurance industry for inspiration. Here are our top five insurance podcasts that every insurance agent needs to add to their playlist for 2020 to keep up with the grind. Of course, you don’t have to listen to every single one, unless you want to.

1. The Insurance Guys Podcast

This podcast is “dedicated to agents by agents”. The show hosts, Scott Howell, agency owner of Scott Howell & Associates, Inc. and Bradley Flowers of Portal Insurance, ignite motivation by discussing all aspects of becoming a successful insurance agent as they interview game-changers and visionaries (Check out their episode when Gary Vaynerchuk does insurance!) that are changing the way agencies operate from chatbots to targeted advertising, to digital payments. The guests vary week to week but the goal stays the same, create actionable steps.

2. Insurance Happy Hour

If it’s in the news, odds are it’s being discussed in the show! This podcast owned their spot on our “must watch (and listen to) list” with topics like how innovation is important from all corners of the industry, not just carriers, the InsureTech movement and independent insurance agents and many more. The show hosts, senior VP of sales and marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), Becky Schroeder and ITC’s CEO, Laird Rixford bring a mix of marketing expertise, entrepreneurship and technology that caught our attention. The podcast name is not the only catchy title, the show’s episodes also have intriguing names like “Tesla is Looking to Steal Insurance Carriers’ Fritos” and “The Great Cornholio +Alice Cooper”, the titles will draw you in but the content will get you to stay. Check out their latest episode! 

3. Agency Intelligence

Host, Jason Cass brings his passion for innovation and education to life in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Additionally, Cass has developed a BrainShare group of independent agents that are changing the way insurance agents do business. Cass is a major influencer in bringing the independent insurance industry current. In one hour, learn how to make things happen with guests from all over the industry like Steve Anderson, Randy Schwantz, and other business influencers. Check out the latest episode here!

4. The Ryan Hanley Show

One of the newest podcasts to launch! Show host, Ryan Hanley, helps individuals and organizations find meaning in their work in order to increase the value in their products and services and ultimately grow their business.  Hanley is also the founder and chief strategist at Hanley Media, a boutique business strategy firm focused on the implementation of leadership, marketing, and sales initiatives within abundance-minded organizations. With his work as a creator, strategist, and speaker Ryan brings a fresh perspective to an industry that is transforming daily.

5. The Insurance Scramble with Joe Hollier

Host, Joe Hollier, has developed an amazing program that cuts through the fluff and generates an amazing dialog with his guests. This podcast is perfect for those who may not have a lot of time during their morning commute. Joe spends 15 minutes talking with influencers who are doing great things in the independent insurance space and discusses their up and coming projects. Joe also covers how agents try to manage the future of the industry, technology and the battle for your client’s attention. Get your coffee brewing and take a quick listen here! 

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