It’s Time To Build Your Brand Persona!

Building a Brand Persona – Why Not Now? It’s become a slow season for most businesses. This was unexpected, and probably not preferred, but there is a silver lining. During this period, you have the opportunity to sit and re-align on your company’s core values, and finally develop a persona that reflects them. Don’t think […]

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Your Time is Valuable: Maximize Growth and Boost Profits for your Independent Agency

Understanding The Opportunity Cost Across Your Agency As an independent agent, your time can be rather divided. Between processing claims, building new business and nurturing your current clientele – there is little time to grow..  How are you spending your time? When hiring support staff isn’t an option, you might have to buckle down and […]

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The Top 5 Insurance Podcasts for Agents in 2020

  The Top 5 Insurance Podcasts Every Agent Needs to Add To Their Playlist In 2020 Podcasts are changing the digital, on-demand media game and transforming the way we consume information. Concepts and strategies that were once being presented at large summits and conferences are now being converted into condensed podcasts that do more than […]

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