it pays to be in our payment network

It Pays to be In Our Payment Network

There’s more to ePayPolicy than taking digital payments from insureds. You can also take—and make—payments across all insurance verticals. The ePayPolicy Payment Network connects independent agencies, brokers, MGAs and premium finance companies with each other, as well as to carriers and insureds. How Network payables work Sending payments to partners

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AutoPay and Recurring Payments

Features Feature: AutoPay and Recurring Payments

ePayPolicy offers two features that make payment a “set it, and forget it” proposition for those paying you. We get a lot of questions about the difference between AutoPay and Recurring Payments. Here’s a quick overview to take the mystery out of these convenient features: Recurring Payments Recurring payments are

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Finding The Perfect Payment Processor For Your Agency

“It’s not us, it’s you.” Several insurance agents that use large payment processors (operate in multiple verticals) have reported being kicked off their payment processor, with no other explanation than “our product is not a good fit for your industry.” Well, their loss is potentially your gain. We can’t tell

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The Madness of Paper Checks & Insurance Payments

I’ve always loved a good analogy, as it makes concepts concrete and relatable.  With March Madness underway I couldn’t help but turn to that annual phenomenon — the office pool — to help put what we do here at ePayPolicy into perspective. With an estimated $9 billion bet on these

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3 reasons to accept electronic payments

In today’s constantly changing world, the insurance industry must find innovative ways to improve productivity and at the same time, satisfy their customers. What’s the easiest way to boost productivity? Automation. au•to•ma•tion (n): The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic

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Virtual checks and desire to fight change

It’s funny how much we all fight change. It’s a normal human tendency. But there’s one instance I run across recently that illustrates that clearer than ever – the use of virtual checks. Follow me on this one… As a preferred payment method, paper checks hit their peak in 1995

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Three Flavors!

As a kid, a visit to the local ice cream shop was the best! The dilemma was deciding on which ice cream flavor to pick. Do I go with my standby or do I try something different? At the end of the day, there wasn’t a bad choice in the entire

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Integrating payments into your management system

We were recently given an fun challenge by one of our clients, Southwest Risk, a wholesale brokerage out of Dallas. While they liked the simplicity of our online payment page, they could foresee a challenge given the sheer volume of payments they process – How would they reconcile all of those

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Technology that just makes sense

Premium finance companies are already familiar with FinancePro. It’s a powerful, web-based solution that helps with loan management, carrier and rate tables. What takes it to the next level is its easy integration within the Vertafore agency management ecosystem. If you’re serious about growing your agency or premium finance business,

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