Premium Financing, Made Simpler

Enabling insurance companies to offer easy financing - with their premium finance partners - right at online checkout.

8,000+ customers


Features: Finance Connect

Your PFC Partners + Your Payment Page

Combining the ease of integrated online payments with financing at checkout to help improve conversion rates and eliminate extra back-and-forth.

Easy Online Enrollment

Elect to offer access to premium financing, right on your payment page, with upfront terms and payment schedules.


accept payments and bind faster

AMS CRM Integrations

Connected to your PFC partners

Connected to Your PFC

Work with your existing Premium Finance partners and generate paperless PFAs at checkout.


securely view and e-sign PFA

21EPP005__Home_Get Paid Faster

Saves time, minimizes back-and-forth communication

AutoPay Enrollment

Allow insureds to quickly opt into AutoPay with timely payment reminders, so they never miss a payment again.

21EPP005__Home_60 Days Free

automated payment reminders and payment confirmation messages

21EPP005__Home_Greater Visibility

transaction details available + searchable within your dashboard

Enhancing Financing

Premium financing, without the back and forth

Finance Connect is built for insurance companies who want to simplify financing enrollment with their existing partners, and get paid sooner. And it’s backed by the same top-rated, US-based support team our 8,000+ customers trust for all their payments.

Finance Connect FAQs

Who is Finance Connect for?

Finance Connect was built for the insurance industry, so agencies, carriers, PFCs, MGAs or brokers who want to offer premium financing to the insureds can use it.

What does it cost?

There’s no additional monthly fee to use Finance Connect. Customers must be on an integrated plan in order to securely connect payment data to their PFC partners.

How do I connect my page to my Premium Finance partner?

We currently work with a large number of PFCs who already utilize our payment network. If your partner isn’t currently an ePay user, we can initiate the process to onboard them.

How does it connect my customer’s invoices?

Finance Connect is an integrated solution, and we’re currently building upon our existing integrations with popular accounting management systems. Custom integrations are also available.

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