Our Team

The Team at ePayPolicy

Milan Malkani

Milan, a native of Austin, is one half of the dynamic duo who founded ePayPolicy. Try to get to the office snacks before he does, because you may be left with minimal choices once he’s done. When he’s not in the office you can catch him shooting hoops in his beloved Kobes, saving his Air Jordan’s for outings, listening to DJ Khaled and regaining those worked off calories at Tacodeli.

Todd Sorrel

Todd is the second half of the co-founding team here at ePayPolicy. Being an entrepreneur at heart he is always improving processes and operations around the office. When he's not speeding up insurance receivables, securing payments, or working on his short game he loves spending time with his wife Meghan and their three awesome kids Paige, John, and Redford.

Ruben Arce
Team Lead & Product Specialist

Ruben likes that ePayPolicy always has something new and challenging to offer. He enjoys inspiring and mentoring those around him and will never turn down an intriguing conversation. Ruben’s special talent is making pizza and bbq wings disappear before your eyes. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with his son, being active outdoors, and discovering new music around ATX.

Nathan Terrazas
Product Specialist

Nathan is a jack of all trades at ePayPolicy, covering anything from Operations to Customer Success. Originally from Chicago, Nate now resides in downtown Austin with his Wife Lauren and adorable pup, Roo. He’s seen as the romantic of the office, after popping the question, he then surprised Lauren with a trip to Paris! I’m sure his old punk bandmates in 8th grade never saw that coming.

Al Vela
Product Specialist​

Al’s favorite part of his job is sharing conversations with business owners and offering solutions that help keep their commissions in their own pockets. When Al is not conversing he can be found watching sports, getting pulled all over Lake Austin in his kayak by some very large fish, and tossing on his boots and going country dancing.

Keith Langtry
Product Specialist​

Keith feeds off the excitement of the team and enjoys coming into an office where every day there is an opportunity to excel. He is a quick learner and always seems to ask the right questions. When winter hits Keith can be found carving up the pow in Colorado or crunching stats in excel to create the perfect March Madness bracket.

Jonathan Wilkinson
Product Specialist​

Jon takes pride in being able to help businesses surpass their initial expectations. Jon is a world traveler and while on his adventures, realized that kindness truly is the universal language. He implements this philosophy within ePayPolicy on a daily basis and our clients can't be more thankful. You can find Jon camping and kayaking around Texas and riding his unicycle around Austin!

Seth Nagle
Director Of Marketing

Seth pushes his creativity every day and works to design content that does more than just educate but inspire awesomeness across the industry. When Seth isn’t marketing, you can find him with his wife Courtney and his pup Kole paddling around Lake Austin, sipping bloody marys at Casino el Camino and rooting for his home town football team, the New England Patriots.

Brennan McElhanon
Software Engineer

Brennan is a master coder, programmer and has an eye for what works best for our products. His knowledge of all things technology helps keep the office running smoothly and is the go-to guy when you encounter any tech issue. On his days off, you can find Brennan blazing through sci-fi books, working his brain with mind strategy games, and listening to all types of music… except for Country.

Jamie Rodgers
Customer Success

Jamie enjoys her Client Success role as she gets to teach others how to be great with ePayPolicy. She also has a knack for problem solving and appreciates being able to use those skills with the agencies she works with on a daily basis. Aside from solving problems at work, she says her biggest accomplishment is raising her two kids who are growing up way too fast.