Payment Page Features

Created by insurance experts for the insurance industry, ePayPolicy provides the simplest solution for insurance agents, brokers, MGAs, and premium finance companies to collect credit card and ACH payments.

Essentials Payment Page Features

Start collecting credit card and ACH payments using your customized, branded payment page. Clients will appreciate the opportunity to pay digitally. 

Branded Payment Page

Provide a simple and seamless payment experience with your unique URL and branded payment page.

Trust Account Compliance

Stay in compliance with state and federal legislation by adding separate trust and operational accounts. 

Reporting Dashboard

Track payments, send funds across the country, and manage your account through your own dashboard.

Live Customer Support

Need help getting the most from your ePayPolicy solution? Our friendly team is standing by.

Additional Color Options

Add both your logo and your unique brand colors directly to your custom payment page. 

Image Assist

Include graphics on your payment page to help insureds locate pertinent information on the invoice.

Upload Attachments

Allow clients to easily upload documentation directly through the digital payment page.

Recurring Payments

Expand convenience for clients by setting up recurring payments for policies requiring multiple payments.

Custom Disclaimer

Add your agency's custom disclaimer to the bottom of your payment page for your insured to review.

Disclaimer Confirmation

Add a checkbox to verify your insured has confirmed reading your custom disclaimer before submitting payment.

Custom “Notes” Text

Have specific instructions for your payer? Add custom text to the notes field on your payment page.

Custom Form Fields

Need additional information for accounting? Add custom fields to help streamline receivables.

Integrated Payment Page Features

An integrated payment page provides a seamless user experience for the payer while eliminating duplicate data entry for your accounting team.

Auto Sync Invoices

Clients can select and pay due invoices that are pulled directly from the Management System.

Invoice Notifications

Schedule automated emails reminding your clients of upcoming and or past due invoices.
*Integration Specific*

Batch Payables

Easily pay all your partners commissions and refunds electronically through your ePayPolicy dashboard. 
*Integration Specific*


Allow your clients to automatically pay invoices when due without having to click a button.
*Integration Specific*

Dashboard / Admin

Access the ePayPolicy dashboard to manage your account and easily track, receive, and refund payments as well as send funds across the insurance industry to your partners and clients.


Manage money easier by sending funds across the industry for only $0.50 per transaction.

Prefill Payment Page

Send a prefilled payment page link that contains your payer's information to simplify the payment process.


Both you and the payer receive an e-receipt of the processed payment delivered via email.  

Batch Deposits

Payments are collected and batched daily to create a single deposit which can be reviewed via the batch report.