Online Payments, Built Just for Insurance

Your customers will love the convenience of online credit card and ACH payments, but the benefits don’t stop there. Keep scrolling to explore all the features we’ve got to offer.

ePayPolicy Payment Dashboard Features

A modern, mobile-friendly page for them. A comprehensive, birds-eye view for you.

Our payment pages are customized to match your business,  linked across your communications, and connected to a dashboard that allows you to see it all.

ePayPolicy Integration Features

Make your accounting team’s day - or year - with time saving API integrations.

Nobody wants another software in a silo. ePay integrates with the most popular management systems. Need more? We can create custom API solutions, too.

  • Auto Sync Invoices
  • Invoice Notifications
  • Batch Payables
  • AutoPay
Enterprise - ePayPolicy

Premium Financing, Made Simpler

Combining the ease of integrated online payments with financing at checkout to help improve conversion rates and eliminate extra back-and-forth.

  • Connected to your PFC partners
  • Securely view and e-sign PFAs
  • AutoPay and payment reminders
How Check Checks Works

Automate check payments, and never touch a check again.

CheckMate solves the pain of paper payments with rapid check routing and reconciliation. Check payments are managed through your ePayPolicy dashboard.

  • Daily batching and processing
  • Faster, consolidated collection
  • One dashboard for all payments
  • No contracts, no additional monthly fees

Insurance Payables Have Met Their Match.

Automatically scan, match and reconcile market invoices, with the payables solution built for scale.

  • Pre-built integrations automatically write back into your accounting system
  • Drastically reduces the time and headcount needed to process market statements
  • Generate a payment via ACH or a mailed check with a click

feature feedback from customers like you

Exactly what we needed to improve our billing process. Great product and easy to use. 90% of our agency bill clients use it!
Stan Jones
Dexter Insurance
User friendly, customizable, looks professional and has saved us money over other merchant service providers!
Livio Gasparini
Safeguard Insurance
We love that we don't have to mess with collecting the fee and extra work in our escrow account. I highly recommend using them! Also nice that we don't have to wait for a check, and can bind faster.
Hannah Callihan
North Central Insurance

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