The 2019 Blue Ribbon Conference – IIABCAL

ePayPolicy had the pleasure of attending the Blue Ribbon Conference at the beautiful Monarch Beach Resort. The Blue Ribbon Conference, held at the beginning of May, not only focused on perfecting business practices, but it also insured that it’s participants had a little fun. While engaging in activities, we were looking over the breathtaking Pacific Waters, which added an overall sense of relaxation to the conference.

The conference offered an array of notary keynote speakers such as; Erick Dickerson, an NFL Hall of Famer, who spoke on the ability to succeed in any field as an Entrepreneur. Sarah Sladek, who presented her research on engaging the next generation in the workplace. Kate Browne, who pinpoints California’s climate and technology change as a barometer for the future of America.

Outside of listening to these knowledgeable speakers, we were able to enjoy a poolside gathering, designed to trade knowledge with like-minded industry professionals. There were also plenty of networking opportunities arranged during the conference. For instance, there were multiple gatherings in the beautiful wine room, dessert receptions for all, and a game of Texas Holdem to close out the event. There was even a golf tournament for attendees who like to take their conversations to the course.

“Coming events like these allows us to connect with the agents and understand their current pain points and strategic objectives. This combined with the information we receive from keynote speakers and panel discussions around industry trends allows us to continue to innovate around payment processing in the insurance industry” said Todd Sorrel, Co-Founder of ePayPolicy. “

The 2019 MIIAB EXPO Is In The Books

MIIAB EXPO 2019 ePayPolicy Presenting
Team members from ePayPolicy headed to the MN Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers (MIIAB) Expo on April 30, 2019 at the Mystic Lake Center in Prior Lake, MN.

Fun fact, the MN Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Expo is the largest independent insurance agent and company expo in the Midwest. Over 1,000 insurance agents attended the event and more than 90 vendors were also present, including ePayPolicy!

Christensen Group

“We are a new customer of ePayPolicy and we have already had several clients use the service to make payments.  It is quick and easy for the client, and is very easy for us to monitor and record the payments on our end.  Our staff have been very receptive to ePayPolicy, and have been communicating this new payment option to customers via the ePayPolicy flyer and listing our ePayPolicy payment site on all our agency billed invoices.” – Sean Karsch Controller at Christensen Group Insurance.

Todd Sorrel, co-founder of ePayPolicy, presented at the MN Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Expo and highlighted just how easy it is to start collecting digital payments.

The MN Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Expo also featured breakout sessions for independent agents and offered tips on technology, agency service tips, MIIAB tools, and cyber-crime.

The technology breakout focused on performance, strategy, and ways that agents could better their service. The second breakout focused on MIIAB member services that agents could utilize, and the last breakout sessions centered on cyber-crime and how to stay protected as an independent insurance agent in the digital age.

“ePayPolicy is a tool that independent insurance agents can utilize in order to keep their business running smoothly and increase their bottom line,” says Todd Sorrel. “The technology we use allows for safe and secure payments in an age where cyber-crime is a real threat.”

Want to receive secure payments for your policies?
ePayPolicy allows for you to receive ACH and credit card payments online in order to help speed up receivables and increase your bottom line. If you want to introduce new technology that will not only help your business, but that your clients will also love, schedule a call with us today at 844-372-9300!

InsurExpo 2019 Presented by IIANC

InsurExpo 2019 Presented by IIANC
Some of our team members from ePayPolicy attended the sold-out InsurEXPO on April 11 and 12, 2019.

InsurEXPO, which is the largest industry trade show in North Carolina, featured over 90 insurance companies and vendors. The trade show offered educational breakout sessions on important topics for insurance agents including management, sales, and technology.

Keynote speakers included Jess Roy, CEO of Excalibur Insurance Group, Marcus Sheridan, Author, Speaker, and Owner of Marcus Sheridan International, Inc., and Una Roy, VP Operations of Excalibur Insurance Group.

The trade show also featured producer and sales training, account manager and CSR sessions, and industry thought leaders. Attendees were also able to network with some of the top companies and vendors in North Carolina and were also able to earn up to five hours of CE credit.
“Having the chance to attend the InsurEXPO and be a part of the IIANC Sparks event was an amazing expereince,” says Todd Sorrel, Co-Founder of ePayPolicy. “At this event, we were given a 2:00 minute shot clock to explain to the audiance how ePayPolicy is changing the way the insurnace industry is collecting digital funds.”

The IIANC Sparks event allowed 10 companies and vendors on the main stage to have the chance to showcase their business. Presenters only had two minutes to make a great pitch about their company. Vendors featured in the IIANC Sparks event were able to present their innovative product or service to 300-400 agents.

“ePayPolicy allows easier collection of insurance payments by now allowing agents the ability to receive ACH and credit card payments online,” said Todd Sorrel. In a world where everything is going digital, it just made sense to find a way to use technology to help insurance agents, especially in terms of collecting payments.”

“Since implementing ePayPolicy our clients have fully embraced digital payments, says Chris Paradiso, an independent insurance agent. “The technology provides game-changing features, saves the agency money, and deliver an excellent client experience.”

Looking to speed up receivables?

ePayPolicy is an easy-to-use platform that allows for insurance agents collect their payments faster by allowing them to take ACH and credit card payments online. Request a demo today to find out how ePayPolicy can help you!

ePayPolicy Named Preferred Payment Vendor by Big I New York

ePayPolicy Named Preferred Payment Vendor by Big I New York

Seth Nagle

February 27, 2019 – Electronic payment processor ePayPolicy adds Big I New York to its growing list of insurance industry association endorsements.

ePayPolicy now endorsed by 21 state insurance groups

AUSTIN, Texas, February 27, 2019 –ePayPolicy has been named electronic payment processor of choice by Big I New York, an association representing 1,750 independent insurance agencies and their 13,000 employees throughout the Empire State. ePayPolicy will enable Big I New York members to accept credit card and ACH payments online, with transaction fees passed on to the payer. Big I New York’s endorsement brings to 21  the number of state insurance associations recommending ePayPolicy to their members.

“Today’s consumers are demanding digital forms of payment for all their transactions, increasingly forgoing paper checks. ePayPolicy is dedicated to making online payments simple and seamless — for our clients and for their customers,” said Todd Sorrel, ePayPolicy co-founder. “By partnering with state associations such as BIG I New York and integrating with the leading account management systems, we broaden our ability to enhance the insurance-buying experience and support tech-enabled growth for agents and brokers nationwide.”

Lisa Lounsbury of Big I New York explained the group’s endorsement this way: “Big I New York provides members the resources they need to be their best and ePayPolicy is the best in its class, developed exclusively for retail agencies, brokers/MGAs and premium finance agencies. They truly understand our members’ business.” She continued, “Taking payments just got a lot easier. The platform facilitates collection of online payments without the hassle or expense of technical integration, hidden fees, or separate merchant accounts. It’s a win-win for our members and those they serve.”

About Big I New York
Big I New York believes independent insurance agents serve customers best with trusted advice and the right coverage options to protect what matters most. They exist to fulfill the educational, political, and business interests of more than 1,750 agencies and their 13,000 plus employees.
Big I New York members are independent insurance agents and brokers, which means they can provide consumers with a choice of products from more than one insurance company and in turn give consumers unrivaled service, and the best auto, homeowner, and business coverage to meet their changing needs. In addition, most Big I New York members proudly identify themselves as Trusted Choice® agents and brokers, a national consumer brand uniting more than 21,000 independent agencies across the United States.

For more information visit

About ePayPolicy
ePayPolicy is the simplest way to collect digital insurance payments. Designed for independent agents, brokers, MGAs and their clients, their innovative electronic payment processing portal enables clients to accept credit card or ACH without messy merchant accounts or hidden fees.  ePayPolicy sets up quickly, integrates seamlessly with leading management systems, and is endorsed by over 29 independent insurance associations nationwide.

The company’s annual InsurTech Award recognizes independent insurance agencies/brokerages for leveraging technology to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer service. Call for entries for the 2019 award will be announced in May.

To find out more visit

Accelerating with NetVU

Accelerating with NetVU
If the yearly conference circuit is equivalent to the NFL’s football season, then NetVU’s Accelerate is the insurance industry’s Super Bowl. And like any good Super Bowl, Accelerate 2018 was exciting, buzzing with energy, and an absolute blast!

In the months leading up to the much-anticipated show, the entire ePayPolicy team worked with our heads down, toiling away on prepping our booth, swag, travel plans, and more. When it was finally showtime, Todd and I were more than itching to get to Atlanta.

Anyone in the insurance space knows that Accelerate is all about taking advantage of opportunities. Whether your goal is to build relationships, spend time with customers, network, pitch, or just have fun, opportunity is there for the taking.

Luckily for us, all of those aforementioned things were goals of ours, and I’m proud and pleased to say we were successful in hitting each of those goals — and then some.

Any chance we have to spend time with current or potential customers, as well as the Vertafore team, is a chance to build and solidify relationships, which is the most important thing for us at ePayPolicy.

And it might be the most important thing for anyone in the insurance industry, for that matter.
Todd, myself, and the rest of the team are all still coming down from the adrenaline high of last week. (Is it too early to start thinking about Accelerate 2019?) Thanks to all that stopped by our booth to learn about our payment processor (and grab some swag, which we completely ran out of!).

And an especially big thank you to NetVU for hosting the insurance event of the year, Vertafore for chatting, laughing, and sharing meals with me and Todd, and all of our amazing clients that stopped to snap pictures with us.


Celebrating Houston at IIAH's annual Houston Insurance Day

Celebrating Houston at IIAH's annual Houston Insurance Day

It’s been six months since Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston (or H-Town, as we sometimes like to affectionately call it here in Texas). The city is far from being fully restored, but with the good people of Houston staying patient, and with the help of other countless kind-hearted cities, H-Town continues to stand strong and proud.

That was made even more apparent last week when our Product Expert, Ruben Arce, had the pleasure of attending the annual “Houston Insurance Day” (HID).  HID is hosted each year by the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH) and was, according to Ruben, even more highly-anticipated this year.

It was packed!” said Arce. “I think a lot of agencies wanted to attend to show their support, which was really awesome,” said the Texas native. “If someone had told me that one of the worst storms in history devastated the city mere months ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. The positivity in the room was incredible.”

HID 2018 was Renaissance-themed this year, and judging by the pictures, some attendees really got into it! From costumes to props to swag, (to THE Zoltar fortune-telling machine from the ‘80s movie “Big”), the one-day trade show seemed like half party, half industry event.
“Everyone was living by the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ mantra” said Arce.

From left to right: Zoltar fortune telling machine, Ruben doin’ the dang thing, and a live-action shot of HID 2018


This year’s HID was certainly an exciting one, with abundant and infectious energy. It may have been raining, but that didn’t deter attendees, Arce included, from having a great time.

“It really was inspiring to see so many people gathered in the city for the event,” said our Product Expert.  “It was a great reminder as to why I love doing what I do, and why H-Town is, and will always be, #HoustonStrong.”

4 Things We Loved About InsurPATH 2018

It’s hard to believe that less than a week ago ePayPolicy was jet-setting in California and rubbing elbows with some of the coolest cats in the insurance industry. Now that we’re back on our home turf in Austin, Texas, check out the top 4 things our team loved most about the InsurPATH 2018 conference!

#1. Cali.
As if we weren’t already excited about attending InsurPATH this year, the powers that be decided the conference would be held in sunny Fresno, California, which was just fine by us.

Cali was great for tons of reasons (other than the sun, of course). For starters, we were able to really take a deep dive into learning about the landscape of the insurance industry in The Golden State. We were privy to some pretty awesome and educational talks, like the California New Laws Briefing, as well as best practices for hiring in Cali.

“There’s so much opportunity in California,” said Todd Sorrel (ePayPolicy Co-Founder & Underwater Basket-Weaving World Champ).

With conversations underway with Big I Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles, there’s no telling what the future holds for ePayPolicy.

“What we can achieve there — I mean, the sky’s the limit.”

#2. The familiar faces
Conferences can get a little overwhelming, so it’s always nice to see some friendly faces in the crowd. Some of our clients were also InsurPATH attendees, and we were pretty jazzed to catch up with them and make sure our product and services are exceeding all of their wildest dreams (spoiler alert: they are!).

Of course, we are also partnered with IIABCal (a.k.a the very kind hosts of InsurPATH 2018) who endorse us as their payment processor of choice. In fact, here they are telling a sold out InsurPATH crowd this very thing:


Thank you for your continued support and partnership, IIABCal!


#3. The UN-familiar faces
Catching up with friends and customers is great, but what would a conference be without making some new friends and potential customers?

“I think the benefit of that face-to-face interaction is really valuable,” said Ruben Arce (resident rockstar / ePayPolicy Sales Rep. extraordinaire). “You’re no longer just a phone number or email address. It really helps to build a relationship with people.”

At the end of the day, it’s about quality. ePayPolicy is committed to engaging with and building our community, and InsurPATH was an intimate event that really facilitated quality conversations.

#4. Texas Hold’em
I know, I know. This one is a given.

As the sun set on Day 1 of 3, IIABCal hosted a Sponsors Kickoff Party & Texas Hold’em Tournament, which was, of course, AWESOME! Our team was able to loosen up a bit after a long day of traveling to the West Coast, and they got to do so with other like-minded, insurance professionals! Attendees were able to grab a cocktail and have fun all while continuing to network in a unique way. Not a bad way to close the books on Day 1.

Bonus! #5: Being the only payment processor at the show
Whoop, whoop!


If you missed us at InsurPATH 2018, no sweat!
Schedule a demo today to learn about how ePayPolicy helps you speed up receivables, bind policies faster, and crush your business goals (and competition)!


Flying into The Golden State. View from the top! (Can you spot the Apple HQ?)

Who wouldn’t want to meet this guy?!

Swag & Poker Chips. Would you bet on ePayPolicy?

Texas Hold’em. Deep in thought.

Bonding over breakfast

U.S. Risk Insurance Group, Inc. is a specialty lines underwriting manager, wholesale broker, and awesome ePayPolicy customer. Great to see y’all! Until next year.

ePayPolicy is NetVU’s newest Silver Corporate Partner

Netvu Silver Partner

We’re excited to finally announce that not only is our product is offered as a Technology Solution Provider, ePayPolicy is also NetVU’s newest Silver Corporate Partner.

About NetVU:
NetVU is an independent, national member organization committed to providing industry advocacy, world-class education and networking to the more than 30,000 insurance agencies, carriers, MGAs and compliance organizations, and over 500,000 users of Vertafore solutions.

About Us:
ePayPolicy provides a simple and efficient way to collect
online insurance payments. We help clients speed up receivables, bind business faster, and create a positive payment experience for their customers.

We enable organizations to accept both credit card and ACH payments, effectively eliminating the need for paper checks and improving an agency’s bottom line.

Product Benefits:
– Pass on transaction fees
– Integrates to with many management systems, including Vertafore’s Sagitta, AIM and FinancePro
– Endorsed by over 10 independent insurance associations
– Convenient and user friendly
– & more!
About the Partnership:
Thanks to our new partnership, ePayPolicy is now part of the NetVU Community (NCOM) – a gathering place for other members to share the latest automation information, as well as trends and tips on how to make their businesses more successful.
We’re jazzed to be part of a community with other like-minded, tech-focused insurance professionals. From agencies, to carriers, to compliance officers, the group of individuals and organizations that make up NCOM are diverse and talented, and our team is proud to call ourselves a Technology Solution Provider of NetVU.

To learn more about ePayPolicy:
To learn more about NetVU:

Introducing: Recurring Online Payments

Recurring Payments

So, what’s the deal with recurring payments?

Well, you guys asked, and ePayPolicy delivered. It’s that simple. (You can just call us your fairy Godmother.) We have an awesome video that details the ins and outs of the feature, but if you haven’t seen it yet, not to worry. We’ll break it down and get you up to speed now.

The Gist:
If you’re a Custom Payment page subscriber, you can now offer customers the option to set up recurring payments. Bonus: Customers can also set frequency and track all payments from a single view.

The Deets:
We embedded the feature where your customers are already making their payments, so they don’t need to navigate or sign up anywhere new.
It’s easy. All customers have to do is:
1.  Sign in (or sign up) to your company’s payment page
2.  Navigate to “Make a Payment”
3.  Fill out the info fields accordingly, selecting “Yes” when they reach the “Recurring Payments” field

4.  Choose a start date, end date, and how frequent they’ll make payments.

After customers are done with set-up, they can head to “Recurring Payments” from the navigation bar to track all payments from one page.

And you? You can sit back in your chair and track all of your clients’ payments by navigating to the “Recurring” menu in your dashboard.

The Perks:
Other than being totally awesome, the recurring payments feature has some pretty great perks that are beneficial to both you and your customers.

Improve Customer Relationships
Recurring payments typically lead to fewer late and missing bills. Which hopefully means fewer awkward late-payment conversations with your customers.

Simplify Life
Just as customers have the ability to track all their payments in one area, you too, can monitor all of your clients’ payments by clicking over to the “Recurring” menu in your dashboard.

Go Green
Making regular payments electronically helps to reduce your customers and your organization’s carbon footprint. Have a client who still can’t seem to ditch paper checks? You can spin recurring payments as a choice that not only benefits you, but also the environment.

The Big Picture:
ePayPolicy listens when our customers talk. When we got word that customers like you wanted this feature, we hustled hard to deliver. The bottom line for us – Continue to make insurance payments as easy and friction-less as possible.

To view a quick tutorial on recurring payments, navigating your dashboard, and more, check out our demo page, or set up a training with our team.

A new look for our payment page

A new look for our payment page
One of the greatest benefits of having such loyal customers is the steady stream of feedback and ideas that are freely sent our way. Everything we’ve done at ePayPolicy has the fingerprints of customer feedback. And I mean everything. From the design of our user interface to the way we fund our customers’ bank accounts, you have provided an endless supply of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

And when our customers talk, we listen.

For the latest example of this, check out the newest version of our hosted payment page.
After speaking with all of you, we found an opportunity to make the fees associated with credit card and ACH payments more clear. As you can see in the new design, a payer can clearly see those fees side by side while choosing the payment method that suits them best (see the image below).

We’ve also taken design cues from our customers by centering the logo at the top of the page instead of left justifying it. This calls more attention to their branding at the time of payment.
To bring it all together, finer details were modified across the payment page and the mobile experience was upgraded for smoother, sleeker presentation for those on the go.

We aspire to have our customers feel a sense of ownership with ePayPolicy and with that comes the ability to see the impact of your suggestions. So thank you again for continuing to share your thoughts; we value that greatly.