it pays to be in our payment network

It Pays to be In Our Payment Network

There’s more to ePayPolicy than taking digital payments from insureds. You can also take—and make—payments across all insurance verticals. The ePayPolicy Payment Network connects independent agencies, brokers, MGAs and premium finance companies with each other, as well as to carriers and insureds.


How Network payables work

Sending payments to partners within the Payables Network

The Payables feature within the ePayPolicy dashboard lets you send funds to any agency, broker, MGA or premium finance company across the industry for only $ .50 per transaction (less than the cost of a stamp).

Anyone with a paid ePayPolicy subscription can both receive and send payments.

Sending payments to partners outside the Network

Need to send funds to an agency, broker, MGA or PFC that doesn’t use ePayPolicy to collect payments? No problem. Simply have them sign up with us for a  free payment account.


Benefits of Payables Network membership

Many of the same benefits of ePayPolicy as a payment collection portal apply to leveraging ePayPolicy as a digital payment portal:

  • Enjoy fast, secure payments
  • Go paperless — Eliminate checks to insurance partners (and help save the planet)
  • Low per-payment fee — You can’t even mail a check for $.50
  • Easily track outgoing funds in the dashboard — Accounting staff love it!
  • Payee info is stored — No need to gather additional information 


  • Collect commissions and refunds faster, without waiting for a check
  • Simplify accounting — Funds from Network members go directly into your account


Join the Payables Network

Sign up for an ePayPolicy ePayPolicy subscription today.

Already have an ePayPolicy subscription? Learn more about paying with ePayPolicy.

Or, simply set up a free payment account* to exchange payments within the Network.


*Free accounts do not include a payment page.



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