Celebrating Houston at IIAH's annual Houston Insurance Day

Celebrating Houston at IIAH's annual Houston Insurance Day

It’s been six months since Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston (or H-Town, as we sometimes like to affectionately call it here in Texas). The city is far from being fully restored, but with the good people of Houston staying patient, and with the help of other countless kind-hearted cities, H-Town continues to stand strong and proud.

That was made even more apparent last week when our Product Expert, Ruben Arce, had the pleasure of attending the annual “Houston Insurance Day” (HID).  HID is hosted each year by the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH) and was, according to Ruben, even more highly-anticipated this year.

It was packed!” said Arce. “I think a lot of agencies wanted to attend to show their support, which was really awesome,” said the Texas native. “If someone had told me that one of the worst storms in history devastated the city mere months ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. The positivity in the room was incredible.”

HID 2018 was Renaissance-themed this year, and judging by the pictures, some attendees really got into it! From costumes to props to swag, (to THE Zoltar fortune-telling machine from the ‘80s movie “Big”), the one-day trade show seemed like half party, half industry event.
“Everyone was living by the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ mantra” said Arce.

From left to right: Zoltar fortune telling machine, Ruben doin’ the dang thing, and a live-action shot of HID 2018

This year’s HID was certainly an exciting one, with abundant and infectious energy. It may have been raining, but that didn’t deter attendees, Arce included, from having a great time.

“It really was inspiring to see so many people gathered in the city for the event,” said our Product Expert.  “It was a great reminder as to why I love doing what I do, and why H-Town is, and will always be, #HoustonStrong.”