Why Great Leaders Are Great

One of our favorite speeches in the ePayPolicy office is Simon Sinek’s viral TEDTalk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

For almost 10 years, people have been quoting this 18 minute video, making Sinek a household name, and asking this deceptively simple question: Why?

Why do we buy what we buy? Believe what we believe? Why do we respect and trust those who lead us?

Why are Great Leaders Great?

Earlier this week I was in Charleston, S.C. at the Applied Client Network Leadership Academy and, after two very inspiring, very full days, my reasons Why were validated.

They Think Critically

Regardless of if they’re in the business of selling dishwashers or diapers, great leaders strike a balance between thinking with both their head and heart. No decision is made entirely autonomously. A great leader has to have a good head on his or her shoulders, and approaching obstacles ready to roll up their sleeves, and problem solve alongside their team, is imperative to success.

Cornell University and SC Johnson College of Business Professor Risa Mish. Kicking off Day 1 with an insightful and engaging keynote speech on The Critical Thinking Advantage.

They Encourage Others to Think Critically

As the old adage goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in team.

A leader will hone a skill. A great leader is great because s/he will hone a skill and teach & encourage others to do the same. They spread the wealth.

They See People, Not Employees

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Applied Client Network!

It’s true that it takes [wo]man-power to run an organization. Without that power, all that’s left is someone with ideas, but not enough resources to execute those ideas. We all need a little help making our ambitions a reality, and that’s where team members come into the picture.
It’s important to see the people behind the work. Everyone wants to be valued. To be a great leader, one must give credit and recognition for the incredible things their team does. But, they must also see that their team is made of people. And people are more than the work they do.

They Expect More

We all have people in our lives that demand more from us. These people are constantly improving and expecting those around them to also improve. These are the types of great leaders that believe it is everyone’s job to grow and learn.

Gregory Shiple embodies this belief. His journey with Applied Systems, Inc. (the principal sponsor of Applied Client Network) began in 1986, when he was hired as a programmer. Today, 32 years and multiple positions later, Shiple is the Vice President of Support at Applied, with an astonishing 95% retention rate. When asked how he maintains such an impressive rate, Shiple’s answer was concise and simple.

“Retention is the responsibility of all teams,” he said, “not just one.”

They Stay Hungry (& Foolish)


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The Leadership Academy is Applied Client Network’s annual gathering of chapter officers. This exclusive event is an opportunity for officers to discuss leading practices, learn about industry tools and resources, and network and exchange information with peers.

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