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AUSTIN, TX– June 16, 2020 –  ePayPolicy and Veruna have entered into a vendor-partner agreement to add the digital payment processing capabilities of ePayPolicy to the Veruna AMR, the company’s open-platform agency management system (AMS).

Both companies are InsurTech pioneers, redefining how independent insurance agencies conduct business through the innovative development and application of technology, and are committed to greater agency control and paperless operation.

ePayPolicy is on a mission to replace paper checks with convenient, simple, online payments via credit card or ACH. While digital payments are ubiquitous across the spectrum of consumer and business transactions, insurance has traditionally been slow to offer alternatives to checks — even though most are using an AMS to automate other aspects of the business. ePayPolicy gives policyholders the convenience of digital payment options while handling the specific accounting, compliance, and reporting requirements of independent agents and brokers.

“To reach today’s independent agents, it’s essential that we integrate with the agency management systems that are continuing to develop agency first solutions,” said Milan Malkani, ePayPolicy co-founder. “Veruna offers an exciting, innovative AMS that’s feature-rich. We’re honored to be named as their integration partner for payment processing.”

“Our goal is to help agencies outperform the past,” said Jennifer Carroll, CEO of Veruna. “We are in tune with their evolving needs in an ever-changing world, and the Veruna AMR offers agencies a robust, yet nimble, suite of management functions. Digital payment processing is a welcome and timely addition, and ePayPolicy is the perfect partner for us.”

The Veruna platform revolutionizes agency operations and makes higher levels of productivity possible with the ability to make more rapid, informed decisions utilizing real-time data, robust analytics, and automated workflows. By coupling exceptional technology with industry expertise, Veruna delivers an AMS designed to meet the needs of modern insurance agencies by enhancing mobility, flexibility, customization, and integration capabilities.

“ePayPolicy is redefining insurance payments, and Veruna is redefining agency management,” said Carroll. “I see exciting implications for forward-thinking agencies — and our clients.”


About Veruna
Veruna delivers the insurance industry’s only modern agency management system (AMS) built on the Salesforce platform and capable of driving quicker decisions using real-time data, robust analytics, and automated workflows with increased mobility, flexibility, customization, and integration all backed by the expansion capabilities inherent to the Salesforce AppExchange. For more information, visit

About ePayPolicy
ePayPolicy is the simplest way to collect digital insurance payments. Austin, Texas-based ePayPolicy is the nation’s foremost provider of payment processing developed exclusively for independent agencies, brokers/MGAs and premium finance agencies. The company’s  innovative electronic payment processing portal enables its clients to accept  payment via credit card or ACH, without messy merchant accounts or hidden fees. ePayPolicy sets up quickly, integrates seamlessly with leading management systems, and is endorsed by independent insurance associations nationwide.
To find out more visit

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