The easiest, fastest and most secure way to handle check payments in the insurance industry.

How it Works

1. Insured’s check payments are mailed to a CheckMate location

2. CheckMate automatically collects, processes, and batches daily

3. Transactions uploaded directly to the ePay dashboard and your AMS

The automated lockbox and check reconciliation solution built for insurance

CheckMate solves the pain of paper payments with rapid routing and reconciliation. Combined with your ePay online payment page, track all of your transactions in one place.

Daily scheduled check collection & batching

Single dashboard for all payments

API integrations with your accounting systems

Straightforward per-check pricing

Multi-site lockbox routing options


CheckMate was built for the insurance industry, so any agency, carrier, PFC, MGA or broker accepting check payments can utilize CheckMate. Even if a smaller agency only handles a few dozen checks per month, significant time savings utilizing CheckMate’s routing and integrated reconciliation should be expected.

Unlike traditional lockbox services, there are no setup fees or annual dues. Pricing is a flat fee, per check $3 cost for routing and integrated reconciliation to your ePay dashboard.

If you’re not currently under contract, we’d love to run the numbers and see how much you can save. If you’re unable to switch from your current lockbox provider, but would still like to use CheckMate’s integrated reconciliation back to your ePay dashboard, this is available. Talk to your account manager for details.

Yes. Some customers accepting a smaller amount of checks, or using an account management system that won’t allow for reconciliation, might still want to utilize CheckMate’s routing to keep paper checks off their hands. Using CheckMate as a standalone lockbox service is a flat $2.50 per check, with no additional setup or annual fees.

Checks are batched and processed once per day, each morning.

Setup typically takes between 30-45 days, allowing time to create and validate the digital deposit file with your bank.

Each deposit includes a Batch Summary Report, Batch Detail Report, scanned check images and invoices.

A lockbox is a 3rd party service that provides a centralized collection point for payments made via paper check which are then batched and deposited into a client’s bank account with reconciliation details provided to the client in the form of Batch Summary and Detail Reports. CheckMate is an advanced, automated check processing service that combines the convenience of a lockbox with our ePay digital payments, integrations and expert support.

Finally, all of your check, ACH and credit card payments in one place.