Payment Processor for Insurance

Finding The Perfect Payment Processor For Your Insurance Agency

“It’s not us, it’s you.” Several insurance agents that use large payment processors (operate in multiple verticals) have reported being kicked off their payment processor, with no other explanation than “our product is not a good fit for your industry.” Well, their loss is potentially your gain. We can’t tell you exactly why these companies […]

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IInsurors of Tennessee Select ePayPolicy as Their Preferred Payment Processor

  ePayPolicy Joins Insurors of Tennesse’s List of Endorsed Providers AUSTIN, Texas, September 12, 2019 – Insurors of Tennessee (Insurors) has added ePayPolicy to its exclusive list of endorsed product/service providers in the agency management tools and discounts category. ePayPolicy was developed by insurance professionals specifically for the insurance industry. The platform enables independent insurance […]

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