CheckMate Changes Checks for BSR

Download Case Study Microplastics. The smell in the break room when someone microwaves salmon. Paper checks.  Some things linger, despite our hopes otherwise. And so,
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Top 3 reasons to stop accepting checks

Checks became common practice in the late 17th century and have somehow survived hundreds of years of financial evolution, but that run could be coming to an end. We’ve come up with three reasons why you should shift to digital payment solutions.  Inconvenience Consumers use checks, because we’ve always used

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The role of stamping offices in surplus lines insurance

For many businesses, the concept of surplus lines insurance can be complex and confusing. The role of stamping offices in this industry can be even more difficult to navigate. Among the most important recent changes in surplus lines insurance is the creation of stamping offices. Such offices serve as a

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What Is Surplus Lines Insurance?

The world of insurance can be complex enough, but when specialty insurance becomes involved, it can become even more complicated. A prime example of this is surplus lines insurance. In many instances, companies or individuals will go to a broker to find insurance coverage. The broker serves as an intermediary

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