Ready to Setup Receivables?

Follow the instructions below to link your account with your MGA partner. 

1. Log Into The Dashboard

Now that your account is active and you’ve created a password login to your dashboard.

Navigate to the left menu, select “Accounts” then select your agency.

2. Select Receivables

On the right submenu at the bottom select “Receivables”.

3. Select Account To Link

In the center of the page under “Payer” find the account you would like to link and click “Connect”.

4. Enter Your Information

A popup window will appear, enter your account information that your broker provided.

5. Start Receiving Funds

Congrats, your setup is complete. You can now receive commissions and refunds digitally! 

Your participation in ePayPolicy helps further reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Need 1:1 assistance getting started?

Email Customer Success at or call us at (844) 372-9300.

Also check out our Demo Videos and FAQs for additional information.