Michigan Agency Binds Policies Faster with ePayPolicy

Michigan Agency Binds Policies Faster with ePayPolicy

Based in Grosse Pointe Michigan, Noel Selewski Agency, Inc. has been in business since 1979 and is licensed in 47 states. They offer personal and commercial lines, specializing in investment properties.

Kevin Jenkins, the firm’s lead agent, and Paula Rausch, operations manager, shared how ePayPolicy is working for the agency and their clients.

In 18 years at Noel Selewski, Kevin has seen the agency evolve based on client needs. He says, “We’re living in a revolutionary time for insurance. Digital transactions are the future—and it’s happening now.” He and Paula wanted to offer clients the payment convenience offered by larger agencies. But they ran into a stumbling block. Michigan law prohibits insurance agents from passing on credit card fees to their policyholders. But absorbing the merchant account fees was financially unsustainable for the agency.

Kevin did extensive research and was pleased to find ePayPolicy, a payment processing platform specifically for independent insurance agencies and MGAs. Client payments are collected by ePayPolicy, not the agency. The system charges the associated fees directly to the payer. It’s completely legal, and clients are happy to pay for the convenience.

Says Paula, “Most of our policies are time-sensitive. Clients need to show coverage to close on a property. We’re talking high volumes and big sums of money. I get nervous waiting for a check to arrive, especially with the recent postal service delays. There’s a risk the check won’t arrive.Then you have to deposit the check, wait for it to clear, etc.”

With ePayPolicy, she says, “I know immediately when a payment has come in. I get an email. It’s so much faster.”

Kevin’s favorite feature is being able to take payments over the phone or copy and send clients a secure payment link. He says, “It makes binding policies faster and raises the level of client trust. They feel safer knowing the link I share is secure.” (Note: ePayPolicy is PCI Level 1 compliant.)

Paula also mentions these benefits: “It’s much more efficient for our internal filing. It’s a better customer experience, and less hassle for my team than paper checks.”

Advice to Other Insurance Companies

Kevin suggests: “I’d say look at the ease.The payment hits your account. You get a receipt. And you don’t have to wait for checks to clear. When you’re paid faster, you can bind faster, and move on to the next client’s needs. ePayPolicy has contributed to our agency’s growth.”

Paula concurs. “Save yourself the hassle and worry of paper checks and just do this. It’s simple!”

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