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5 Benefits of ePayPolicy Over General Payment Processors

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to offer digital payments and (fingers crossed) wean your clients off checkwriting forever. It should be easy to pick a payment processor for your agency, MGA or premium finance company — right? 

Of course, we think it’s a no-brainer. But many of our clients come to us after starting out with general payment processors like Stripe, Square, Quickbooks, etc. We’d like to save you some of their frustrations. Such companies are perfectly fine. It’s just that they’re industry agnostic. (That’s their fancy way of saying ‘generic.’)

Insurance Is Not a Generic Industry

Your receivables are not a simple matter of collecting premium payments and depositing them as income into your bank account. You have fiduciary responsibilities to your carriers and to your insureds. You’re subject to state statutes and regulations specific to our industry.  

We Know This Because We’re Insurance Experts

It’s true. Co-founder Todd Sorrell actually owned a premium finance company for several years before launching ePayPolicy with Milan Malkani (software developer supreme) in 2015.

ePayPolicy was created specifically as a digital payment processing solution for the insurance industry. 

Here are five benefits of ePayPolicy that (together) you’ll never get from Square (or Stripe, or…):

1. Operating Efficiency

ePayPolicy integrates with today’s most popular agency and broker management systems, including AM360, Applied CSR24 and a growing number of legacy and new systems. Not surprisingly, generic payment processors don’t know or care which management system you use.  And although we encourage integrations, not having one is also perfectly fine.

2. Relevant Features

With generic processors you’re a square (no pun intended) peg in a round hole. Their features are not insurance-specific. Ours are. We know how agencies and MGAs run, so ePayPolicy offers features that apply to you. Not only do we help you take payments, but also send funds across the industry through our network for only 50 cents! Our online dashboard to track and manage payments is also clearly catered to insurance organizations and their accounting teams.

3. Payment Options

Your insureds can pay by either credit/debit card or by ACH,* depending on their financial situation and goals. Some like earning travel miles. Others want to see their bank account timely debited.  

4. Data Safety & Security

ePayPolicy takes security very seriously. We don’t ever save your clients’ sensitive information in our systems (to avoid any kind of fraud). Plus, we’re PCI Level 1 compliant—the highest of four levels based on annual transaction volume. This means we’re subject to the most stringent data security protocols in the payment processing industry. 

5. Transparent Pricing

What you see is what you pay. How easy is that? ePayPolicy subscriptions start at a flat $20/month. No hidden fees or set-up fees. We also pass all transaction fees to the insured, unless you want to absorb them partly or wholly.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

ePayPolicy serves some 5,000 clients across the spectrum of independent agencies, MGAs/brokers, carriers and premium finance companies. 

We’re endorsed by more than 70 industry organizations, including 38 Big I state associations. Check out all of our industry endorsements and ask your user group or association why they recommend ePayPolicy as their insurance payment processor of choice.

Take the first step. Get started online or schedule a free demo today. 

*ePayPolicy Canada currently accepts credit card payments only. 

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