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5 Best Practices for Promoting Your Payment Page

“If you build it, they will come.” That worked for Kevin Costner, but for the rest of us, there’s one more step – promote it.

We’ve been helping our clients (insurance agencies, MGAs/brokers and specialty finance companies) promote digital payments for insureds for years. And we want it to be just as easy for our customers as well as yours to start going digital, so you can stop the check chase and bind policies with speed and security. 

People appreciate the convenience of paying via credit/debit card or ACH — they really do. But they need constant reminders that they can pay online (and in some cases, some persuasion). 

Here are five simple actions to announce and remind customers about your new payment options. We’ve also put together a Client Toolkit with ready-to-implement ideas, templates and content to help you spread the good news about accepting digital payments.

  1. Add a PayNow button to your website to let clients access your ePayPolicy payment portal with a simple click of a button. When your clients see “Pay Now,” they don’t consider it a prompt to go get their checkbook. They know they can quickly and easily make the transaction right then and there, online. You can download one of our distinctive, colorful PayNow buttons here, or have your website admin design your own (it’s simple).
  2. Link your invoices directly to your payment page. Clients simply click the hyperlink and voilà — they’re in the payment portal. When clients can “click and pay” instantly, it encourages them to do so instead of postponing payment. If they do file the invoice away to pay later, the hot link instantly takes them to the right place to pay online.
  3. Email your clients to let them know they have the option to pay online. Check out the email template in our Client Toolkit here. Be sure to Include a Pay Now button/email signature badge in your email signature (also found in the toolkit). That way, every email you send becomes a visible reminder that digital payments are just a click away!
  4. Leverage social media. Meet your clients where they’re at and post friendly reminders regularly on your social channels. Our Client Toolkit includes graphics and captions for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts. You can even get creative and run polls or contests to engage clients around their intent to use the platform, to measure adoption rates, and to learn what might be holding clients back from converting. Not to mention, clients will rave about their online payment experience, providing quotes you can use across other marketing channels!
  5. Share content. This one should be very familiar, since you’re in the business of selling insurance. You know how to recognize and overcome resistance.

Some clients will be early adopters. Others will be unable to use your payment page because their accounts payable go through a centralized accounting department in another city or state. Still others are “old school” or “tech-averse.” But never say never! We live in an increasingly digital world, and momentum is moving away from checks.

Our Client Toolkit includes a Cost of a Paper Check infographic that breaks down the money and time they will save by switching — not to mention that digital payments through ePayPolicy are safer and more secure than checks. 

Be persistent in your promotion of digital payments, but also be patient. We’ve talked with several ePayPolicy clients about their clients’ response rates. One thing we can say with confidence: agencies that actively promote digital payment see higher conversion rates in the first year than those that don’t. 

Best of luck with your client outreach. Start with our helpful Client Toolkit. If you have questions or need further assistance, contact your Account Manager.

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