5 Essential Slack (or Teams) Channels for Every Team

5 Essential Slack Channels for Every Team

As many of us have transitioned to a hybrid remote workforce, we are adopting new technologies and organizational tools to keep us all connected and working efficiently. If you’re like the team at ePayPolicy, Slack is your main — and often only — form of communication across the company. With this being the new norm, it’s important to make sure you’re tapping into the full potential of the communication platforms your team is using.

A great way to start is by creating custom channels to replace communications that would normally happen around the office. These custom channels replace internal communications that email, phone calls, or texting just doesn’t work well with.

 The 5 Channels Every Workspace Needs:

1.   The #WaterCooler Channel

Want to talk about last night’s game? Or invite your team to an outdoor mediation session? This is the channel for that. Any conversations unrelated to work can happen in this channel. Separating these topics from your work-related discussions will keep your workplace organized and easy to navigate.

2. The #ClientChatter Channel 

Working remotely can mean that motivation levels across your team may be lower. So, it’s important to keep morale up — did someone write a good review for the company? Did a client give someone on the team a shoutout? Repost it on this channel and reassure your team of the payoff for their hard work.

3. The #Management Channel 

Every company needs one easy and fast form of communication between leadership and the rest of the team. Breaking news? A new product update? A partnership announcement? Post them in this channel and 1) make sure every employee has their notifications turned on for the channel, 2) restrict posting abilities to management only.

4. The #Events Channel 

Events — both in-person and virtual ones — can be hard to keep track of. Hosting, attending, or sponsoring an event? Post the event details and logistics in this channel. If someone has a question, they can easily ask it here.

5. The #IdeasAndInspo

Did a creative ad campaign catch your eye? Or come across an article with the newest industry tech? Or even see a competitor’s new offering or update? Share it in this channel to collaborate with your team on how your organization can reimagine it, learn from it, or even build off of it to make it your own!

There are so many ways to get creative with your Slack channels, but we hope that these 5 gave you some inspiration to start off with! Want more tips and tricks for your agency? Follow us on Facebook!

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