Just The Way You Like It

Just The Way You Like It

No two smartphone are set up exactly the same – the widget and app choices are countless.  Today there are over 2.2 million Android apps and over 2 million Apple apps available for download.  According to Nielson, on average, smartphone users access 26 apps per month.  The customization of apps around our lifestyle, activities, interests, etc. demands the need for a crazy level of customization.  Is it a little too much?  That’s in the eye of the beholder.

Payment processing has not reached the fever pitch of customization like apps, but the demand is percolating.  So what could be customized in payment processing?  The information collected during the payment process is the biggie.  Logos, branding, and messaging are very important; however, client id, phone number, uploaded attachments, unique language, and payer’s state are vital to tracking and reconciling payments.  Just ask any office manager or controller.  And the best part is that all of the inputted data ports directly into the online dashboard.  Can you recall this information at a later time?  You bet!

ePayPolicy payment pages now offer this level of customization.  The standard payment (see demo here) page is only $20 per month.  If you want customized fields, it’s only $40 per month.  And we don’t limit you to any amount of fields.  Reach out to us to learn more about what payment page options work best for you.  And I promise we won’t overwhelm you with 2 million choices.  All the best, Your ePayPolicy Team.

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