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Attending a Virtual Event? 5 things to do to maximize your time and ROI

5 Tips for Attending Your Next Big I Virtual Conference and Tradeshow

Virtual events in the insurance industry are popping up everywhere. They provide insurance agents, like yourself, the …

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2020 InsurTech Award

The 2020 InsurTech Award Has Concluded

… And the results are in! The 2020 InsurTech Award, presented by ePayPolicy, closed applications at the …

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Security Awareness for Your Independent Insurance Agency

7 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Agency Safe While Operating Remote

Take the right steps to protect your agency and embrace these 7 best practices around cybersecurity plus a bonus tip that every agency should implement today.

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Going Green Saves You More than Just Money

When Your Agency Goes Digital It’s Not Just Your Clients Who Will Be Thanking You.

The term “payment environment” is used a lot these days. It describes consumer preferences and trends in …

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Are paper checks putting your agency at risk?

Are Paper Checks Putting Your Insureds and Agency At Risk?

Why do people buy insurance? For protection. It’s ironic, then, that paying for insurance could leave them—as …

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Sell Smarter with Insurance Agency Buyer Personas

What are personas and why would my insurance agency need them? The fact is, buyer personas help …

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Independent Insurance Agency Consultant

Why You Should Hire an Independent Insurance Agency Consultant

Someone asks you what you do for a living. You answer:(a) I sell insurance. OR (b) I …

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7 ways to speed up receivables

7 Ways to Speed Up Your Agency’s Receivables

We’ve all had them. Chronic late payers. Clients who violate your payment terms can wreak havoc with …

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How Generation X Affects Your Insurance Agency

Generation X. You know them, even if you can’t picture them as easy as a ‘Baby Boomer’ …

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How is your tech stack affecting your remote work

Optimizing Your Agency Tech Stack For Your New Remote Workforce

There’s one lesson we’ll all take away from the coronavirus pandemic: remote work is here to stay. …

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Is Your Agency’s Customer Experience at Risk with Paper Payments?

It’s Friday at 4:00 and you just ordered takeout from your favorite restaurant. Ideally, the ordering process …

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InsurTech Pioneers, ePayPolicy & Veruna, Ink Integration

AUSTIN, TX– June 16, 2020 –  ePayPolicy and Veruna have entered into a vendor-partner agreement to add …

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