Selecting the Best Payment Processing Integration for Your Management System

When it comes to managing your agency bill payments, simplicity and affordability are essential. Some agencies (probably you!) need a payment solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing management system to further streamline your accounting.
Beyond integration, the digital payment processor you choose should meet two other requirements: easy to use and simple to deploy. It should also offer a user-friendly interface so your employees and customers have a smooth experience.

Choices, Choices, Choices

The first step in choosing a payment processing integration is to define the features that you need. Not all payment integrations do the same thing – not all are created equal.
Be sure the payment processor you choose clearly defines and outlines how and what the integration does. More importantly, you should be aware of what it does not do. Features and functions can differ from management system to management system.

Management System Integrations

Digital payment processing should make your life easy and a great integration should make it even easier. Ideally, this means the integration should be seamless with your agency management system. ePayPolicy integrates with a variety of management systems, including AMS360 Powered by Vertafore, Applied CSR24, Novieda, and many more. 
Integration with your management system saves your team time and reduces errors, giving you and your employees more time to spend on the important things – like nurturing relationships with your insureds. With the right digital payment processor, invoices are sent on schedule and payments collected on time, improving cash flow and driving value to the bottom line. 
Unlike many other digital payment processors, ePayPolicy focuses exclusively on the insurance sector, so our features and interfaces are designed for you the independent agent.

Identifying the Best Payment Processing Integrations

There are two overarching benefits that the best integrations will have.
        1) Improve Productivity
        2) Drive Customer Success

A good integration will access the data in your management system and provide invoicing features that can help not only your teams but also your clients. For example, being able to send an invoice directly from your management system saves time, reduces data entry errors and creates an easy process for your payers.

Specific features and benefits could include:
      – Automated payment reminders
      – Pre-populated fields
      – CRM (client contacts) connectivity
      – Invoice selection
      – A single view of client history and transactions
      – Partial and multiple invoice payment options

All of these features are possible, as long as the data is available in your management system.

Always Make Sure You Have a Stand-Alone Solution

In case of technical difficulties with your management system, you’ll want to make sure that you can digitally process payments via a stand-alone solution. This approach ensures that you don’t miss any payments should anything happen.

A stand-alone solution also supports a remote workforce, allowing your employees to access the system anytime and from any device. ePayPolicy operates fully integrated or as a stand-alone application, giving you the ultimate flexibility to adjust to your preferences or business needs.
Additionally, ePayPolicy is secure (PCI level 1) and fully compliant with international data security frameworks, giving your customers the peace of mind they need to commit to you. Schedule a demo today or reach out directly to learn more about how our AMS integrations can help your agency today.