Paradiso Presents: Now Playing In A City Near You

“The only way to get better is to surround yourself with better people.” Since that quote is attributed to ‘Anonymous’ I feel justified in adding “… and better practices and better technologies.”  There. Now it’s relevant to our industry. 

You may already know that ePayPolicy is about constant improvement. We’re always looking to discover and hang out with people who can make us smarter. And we never (ok, very very rarely) miss an opportunity to share what we’ve learned, so you can become smarter, too.

A perfect example is Chris Paradiso. Chris is pretty well known in insurance marketing. ePayPolicy is proud to associate our company with Chris and his Paradiso Presents events. Not surprisingly, Chris jams this two-day, hands-on marketing workshop with marketing topics you’ve likely read about here once or twice — or about 50 zillion times by now. 

But it’s one thing to read ePayPolicy blog posts that suggest, “The agent of the future should embrace branding and take full advantage of digital technology and social media to engage with clients and prospects.” It’s quite another to spend two intense days learning not just why you should do this, but how. Chris shares the latest insurance marketing best practices — point by point and step by step. Participants leave with practical, deployable action items they can actually implement.

Paradiso Presents workshops are geared for agency owners and marketing specialists. Whether you’re a complete neophyte or fairly marketing savvy, you’re sure to learn something useful. You owe it to yourself to experience Paradiso Presents. 

Now here’s the thing. This is an ongoing series, but there are only two left in 2019. By the time you read this, the Chicago Area event will be in full swing (September 16-17). Realistically, it will probably be over, as we’ll be busy schmoozing at the workshop and won’t get this posted till later in the month. But there’s another opportunity coming up fast: Paradiso Presents Northern California (Walnut Creek), October 16-17. Not convenient? Not enough time to get out to the West Coast? Watch the upcoming events page for Chris’ 2020 schedule, coming to a city near or near(ish) to you. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

Of course, we’re not just passive Paradiso cheerleaders. As sponsors we’re right in the room, listening and learning with the attendees.  We also get to do a brief presentation on digital payment processing. We break down the real cost of writing checks and share data on the four credit cards most preferred by policyholders — among other fun facts. 

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Paradiso Presents event and getting smarter together.

And speaking of smart business, you have until October 4 to apply for the 2019 InsurTech Award. Check out the criteria and submit your application here: Don’t worry if you’re just starting out in InsurTech. You may not win the grand prize this year, but you’ll definitely get valuable feedback and insights, like where you rank along the Insurance Technology Adoption (ITA) continuum and solid ideas for improvement.