The Future Generation Of FinTech

We had the pleasure of working with a group of students from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas during their recent fall semester as part of their Financial Technology (FinTech) Practicum Course. The undergraduate students were provided with a hands-on learning opportunity working with local Fintech companies in Austin that are driven by Ernst & Young. The purpose of the program was for the students to provide problem-solving solutions for the current and future needs of the company they selected. At the conclusion of the semester, the students presented their findings and provided actionable steps for implementation. The students were not the only ones who benefitted from this, however. ePayPolicy also received insights on a variety of topics such as Google’s latest SEO algorithm, a complete chatbot analysis across the industry, and a detailed market research report on areas and verticals to explore / expand in 2020. When the students weren’t working on these projects they were helping with small tasks around the office and finding solutions for minor problems affecting the ePayPolicy team. Working with these students was an amazing opportunity and we were humbled to be selected by them and EY. We look forward to continuing to contribute to this program in the months to come and appreciate the effort given from the future generation of FinTech.

The 2019 Blue Ribbon Conference – IIABCAL

ePayPolicy had the pleasure of attending the Blue Ribbon Conference at the beautiful Monarch Beach Resort. The Blue Ribbon Conference, held at the beginning of May, not only focused on perfecting business practices, but it also insured that it’s participants had a little fun. While engaging in activities, we were looking over the breathtaking Pacific Waters, which added an overall sense of relaxation to the conference.

The conference offered an array of notary keynote speakers such as; Erick Dickerson, an NFL Hall of Famer, who spoke on the ability to succeed in any field as an Entrepreneur. Sarah Sladek, who presented her research on engaging the next generation in the workplace. Kate Browne, who pinpoints California’s climate and technology change as a barometer for the future of America.

Outside of listening to these knowledgeable speakers, we were able to enjoy a poolside gathering, designed to trade knowledge with like-minded industry professionals. There were also plenty of networking opportunities arranged during the conference. For instance, there were multiple gatherings in the beautiful wine room, dessert receptions for all, and a game of Texas Holdem to close out the event. There was even a golf tournament for attendees who like to take their conversations to the course.

“Coming events like these allows us to connect with the agents and understand their current pain points and strategic objectives. This combined with the information we receive from keynote speakers and panel discussions around industry trends allows us to continue to innovate around payment processing in the insurance industry” said Todd Sorrel, Co-Founder of ePayPolicy. “

Paradiso Insurance, a Yardstick of Quality

The value of good marketing cannot be overstated. If your marketing plan isn’t working (or worse, if you have no marketing plan at all), your organization won’t last long.

You can count on that.

The Internet and social media have made marketing more accessible. But they’ve also created a massive cloud of competition and a hailstorm of noise.

We live in a world of sensory overload. Every company is fighting for consumer attention. With millions of organizations vying for eyes and business 24/7, how do you make yourself stand out?
“Be a yardstick of quality.”

The advice comes from someone who knows a thing or two about marketing, the iconic CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

When I think about the insurance space and who makes a good “yardstick” of quality, one name in particular stands out – Chris Paradiso.

Paradiso started his own insurance business in 1998 with just three employees. Today there are over 15 team members and counting, and Paradiso has grown his company and brand into an insurance powerhouse.

Paradiso Presents, LLC is at the forefront of that powerhouse. It began as an endeavor Chris started in order to “teach small agencies how to survive in today’s complex online marketing world.” Since the LLC’s inception, it has grown into one of the most reputable resources for small agency survival.

One facet of Paradiso Presents is the popular industry magazine Be the Last Agent Standing. The publication is one of those tools that belongs in any agency’s survival kit. New and experienced insurance professionals alike will benefit from Last Agent. Readers can expect insight like marketing tips, tricks, and tools designed specifically to help insurance folks grow their business.
Everything from building a brand to search engine optimization to Google Analytics is discussed. Nothing is off the table. Nothing is overlooked. With so much information on the Interwebs these days, it’s difficult to sift through what’s valuable and what’s just fluff. Fortunately, Last Agent is chalk full of rich, valuable, pearls of wisdom from the man himself.

“What Chris does with Paradiso Presents and Last Agent is truly a testament to how well he knows the insurance landscape,” said Milan Malkani, my partner and fellow ePayPolicy co-founder.
“He’s been in this business a long time and still finds all these ways to keep things fresh and fun and current. I think a lot of agencies can learn from him.”

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a frontier that is overwhelming for many. There are a lot of new tricks to learn and insurance is an old business. One that has historically used more “traditional” methods.

For example, using print ads (instead of digital ones), and paper checks (instead of electronic payment processors). However, insurance has gradually been shifting towards a more tech-based industry. And while some are happy with this shift, many are not.

Luckily, there are organizations like Chris Paradiso’s that are dedicated to helping those who do feel overwhelmed. The goal is to elevate the industry and level the playing field. With Paradiso, even the little guys and underdogs have a fighting chance.

What the magazine represents is so much more than articles printed on paper. Be the Last Agent Standing is an integral part of a larger puzzle — a good marketing foundation for budding insurance agencies.

“Any agency worth their salt will pick up Chris’ magazine,” said Malkani. “Everyone can learn something from Last Agent.”

Do something great with the ePayPolicy InsurTech Award!

Do something great with the ePayPolicy InsurTech Award!

We’re less than a month away from closing applications for the ePayPolicy InsurTech Award!
ePayPolicy believes that great technology can change the insurance world. That’s why we are committed to recognizing the agency that has best adapted and leveraged technology to grow and improve their sales, marketing, and customer service in 2018.

Additionally, each applicant will receive an Insurance Technology Adoption Score (i.e. an “ITA Score”), a subjective measure of an agency’s tech adoption in the insurance space, along with comprehensive reporting including feedback, tips, and opportunities to improve that score.
If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time!

Apply now to win $7,500 in prizes, including:

– A $1,000 cash prize
– $1,000 toward an insurance conference of winner’s choice
– Two FREE years of ePayPolicy’s Custom Plan
– Consulting time with Mike Stromsoe and Chris Paradiso
– Website services with Alicor Solutions
– A gift basket stocked with local treats from AustiNuts

Do something great,
apply for the ePayPolicy InsurTech Award today.

4 Things We Loved About InsurPATH 2018

It’s hard to believe that less than a week ago ePayPolicy was jet-setting in California and rubbing elbows with some of the coolest cats in the insurance industry. Now that we’re back on our home turf in Austin, Texas, check out the top 4 things our team loved most about the InsurPATH 2018 conference!

#1. Cali.
As if we weren’t already excited about attending InsurPATH this year, the powers that be decided the conference would be held in sunny Fresno, California, which was just fine by us.

Cali was great for tons of reasons (other than the sun, of course). For starters, we were able to really take a deep dive into learning about the landscape of the insurance industry in The Golden State. We were privy to some pretty awesome and educational talks, like the California New Laws Briefing, as well as best practices for hiring in Cali.

“There’s so much opportunity in California,” said Todd Sorrel (ePayPolicy Co-Founder & Underwater Basket-Weaving World Champ).

With conversations underway with Big I Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles, there’s no telling what the future holds for ePayPolicy.

“What we can achieve there — I mean, the sky’s the limit.”

#2. The familiar faces
Conferences can get a little overwhelming, so it’s always nice to see some friendly faces in the crowd. Some of our clients were also InsurPATH attendees, and we were pretty jazzed to catch up with them and make sure our product and services are exceeding all of their wildest dreams (spoiler alert: they are!).

Of course, we are also partnered with IIABCal (a.k.a the very kind hosts of InsurPATH 2018) who endorse us as their payment processor of choice. In fact, here they are telling a sold out InsurPATH crowd this very thing:


Thank you for your continued support and partnership, IIABCal!

#3. The UN-familiar faces
Catching up with friends and customers is great, but what would a conference be without making some new friends and potential customers?

“I think the benefit of that face-to-face interaction is really valuable,” said Ruben Arce (resident rockstar / ePayPolicy Sales Rep. extraordinaire). “You’re no longer just a phone number or email address. It really helps to build a relationship with people.”

At the end of the day, it’s about quality. ePayPolicy is committed to engaging with and building our community, and InsurPATH was an intimate event that really facilitated quality conversations.

#4. Texas Hold’em
I know, I know. This one is a given.

As the sun set on Day 1 of 3, IIABCal hosted a Sponsors Kickoff Party & Texas Hold’em Tournament, which was, of course, AWESOME! Our team was able to loosen up a bit after a long day of traveling to the West Coast, and they got to do so with other like-minded, insurance professionals! Attendees were able to grab a cocktail and have fun all while continuing to network in a unique way. Not a bad way to close the books on Day 1.

Bonus! #5: Being the only payment processor at the show
Whoop, whoop!

If you missed us at InsurPATH 2018, no sweat!
Schedule a demo today to learn about how ePayPolicy helps you speed up receivables, bind policies faster, and crush your business goals (and competition)!

Flying into The Golden State. View from the top! (Can you spot the Apple HQ?)

Who wouldn’t want to meet this guy?!

Swag & Poker Chips. Would you bet on ePayPolicy?

Texas Hold’em. Deep in thought.

Bonding over breakfast

U.S. Risk Insurance Group, Inc. is a specialty lines underwriting manager, wholesale broker, and awesome ePayPolicy customer. Great to see y’all! Until next year.