5 LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Why You Should Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advertising is an exceptional opportunity that many agency owners overlook. Independent agents, like yourself, often use LinkedIn to showcase their expertise. The thing is, the platform can do so much more.

By embracing LinkedIn advertising tools, you can connect with a broad audience brimming with all kinds of professionals and companies. It’s a marketing dream.

If you are wondering why you should advertise on LinkedIn, and want to avoid LinkedIn advertising mistakes that can derail your campaign, here’s what you need to know.

Unique Opportunities

LinkedIn gives you the ability to target audiences that you don’t necessarily find elsewhere. You can choose to focus on certain industries, job functions, interests, member skills, and a ton more. This gives you the ability to tap the specific kinds of professionals, increasing the odds that your ads will reach the right audience.

Lower Competition

In comparison to social media behemoths like Facebook, competition among advertisers on LinkedIn is ridiculously low. Not only can this make LinkedIn more affordable, but it also means your campaign isn’t as likely to get overrun (or outbid) by a competitor.


LinkedIn’s advertising program is a breeze. With a few clicks, you can get a campaign going, even if you aren’t a marketing expert.

Less Clutter

While LinkedIn is increasingly displaying ads, most users’ feeds aren’t as cluttered here as they may be on other social platforms. That means there’s a better shot your ad will actually catch their eye, and that can boost engagement.

5 LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ineffective Targeting

The whole point of social media advertising for independent agents is to reach the right audience. If you don’t choose the right targets, you’re throwing your advertising dollars into a black hole.

Ideally, you want to strike a balance. If your audience is too broad, many of the people who see your ad might not be interested. If it’s too narrow, you may miss out on potential customers.

Additionally, you don’t have to settle for just one audience. Instead, create several. That way, you can use different messaging in your ads, with each one focusing on what resonates with that specific group.

2. Overwhelming Visual Elements

Many entrepreneurs who are new to the social media advertising game put too much in their ads. If you have a ton of text, buttons, graphics, and other elements, looking at your ad might be visually painful.

Keep your ads simple. Make sure any images are clear, and that text remains readable. Limit the number of elements to just a few. That way, your ads aren’t a confusing mess.

3. Only Creating One or Two Ads

When it comes to LinkedIn advertising success, every independent agent or agency owner needs to embrace A/B testing. That process involves producing and publishing two ads, allowing you to see which one wins out when it comes to engagement.

Then, you can use that information to create two more ads. Do an A/B test with those. See what happens over the month. After that, refine again.

This approach creates an opportunity for continuous improvement. You just keep tweaking away, ensuring you achieve the best results possible.

4. Ignoring Performance Analytics

Performance analytics is a must-use tool. It lets you see what is and isn’t working. When an ad is doing great, you can direct more of your ad-spend to it. If one’s floundering, scrap it and try something new.

5. Overlooking Mobile Compatibility

Most people visit LinkedIn on their mobile devices. If your ad goes to a landing page that isn’t mobile compatible, it won’t look good if the viewer is using a smartphone.

Before you publish a campaign, see if the page looks good on different devices. If it does, great! If not, adjust it until it does.


Looking for More Digital Marketing Tips For Your Independent Insurance Agency?

LinkedIn advertising is an amazing tool for any business, including insurance agencies and independent agents. Take advantage of what it offers, ensuring you can reach your ideal audience with ease.

If you’d like more tips about independent insurance agency advertising, we’ve got you covered. Follow up on Facebook for more tidbits, tricks, and insights.