Features: Customer Support

The best digital solutions are backed by real, human support.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Need help with a client? Or assistance with customization? Our US-based team is here for you every step of the way.

Insurance Payments Experts

Insurance payments are all we do. We understand the nuances, the lingo, and the customers. 

Fast Response Times

Most support requests are resolved within 24 hours with chat, phone and email response options.


Our teams take your data security seriously. That’s why we annually complete multiple security checks and financial data courses. 

Making your day easier makes our day.

Exactly what we needed to improve our billing process. Great product and easy to use. 90% of our agency bill clients use it!
Stan Jones
Dexter Insurance
It's helped us sell more policies since we're able to take payment right away instead of waiting for the check to arrive. Set-up was a breeze. No complaints here.
Rachel Vela
Vela Insurance Agency
User friendly, customizable, looks professional and has saved us money over other merchant service providers!
Livio Gasparini
Safeguard Insurance
We love that we don't have to mess with collecting the fee and extra work in our escrow account. I highly recommend using them! Also nice that we don't have to wait for a check, and can bind faster.
Hannah Callihan
North Central Insurance

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