FAQ: Getting Started

What is required to get started?

Besides 5 minutes not much. Have your basic account information ready, including which bank accounts you would like your funds deposited. If ready click here to get signed up!

My Agency is a Sole Proprietorship, can I use ePayPolicy?

No, currently ePayPolicy does not work with agencies that are a sole proprietorship.

Can I use my payment page for my other business outside of insurance?

Unfortunately, no. ePayPolicy’s payment processing platform is specifically designed and set up for insurance-related payments. 

Who can use ePayPolicy?

Independent Insurance Agencies, MGA/Wholesalers, Premium Finance Companies, and Insurance Carriers in the United States and Canada.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, with ePayPolicy there is no contract, no signup fee, and you can cancel at any time.

Can I use the same account number for my trust and operational accounts?

That depends on your state’s requirements. We recommended checking with your state’s Trusted Choice / BIG I Partner for the most up-to-date regulatory information to ensure your agency stays in compliance.

More questions about ePayPolicy?

Because we serve different company types in insurance, we field a wide range of questions. We’ve collected answers to the most common questions we receive.