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Why activate InsurLink Payments?

Once InsurLink Payments is active, your clients can pay agency bill polices electronically through your client portal. InsurLink Payments creates an important client touchpoint that is safe, secure, and most importantly convenient. 

InsurLink Payments dramatically reduces the operational friction of routine servicing and payment processing, allowing you to speed up receivables and bind business faster.

*ACH/EFT payments can only be sent/received in the U.S.

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Once payment has been made the invoice automatically writes back into the dashboard and management system

Real-Time Invoicing

Let your insureds review and select which invoices they would like to pay directly from your payment page

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently users of AMS360 and Sagitta can access InsurLink and the new payment processing feature. 
To activate InsurLink your ePayPolicy account must first be integrated with either AMS360 or Sagitta. Once active, use the integration form and select “InsurLink” and complete the questionnaire.
To set up this integration you will need to switch from your basic payment page subscription to an AMS360 or Sagitta integration payment page subscription, there are no additional setup costs for InsurLink Payments.
Once the questionnaire has been received our support team will be able to activate your integration within 1 - 2 business days.
You have two options:


1. We can produce a single impersonation key from any one of the ePayPolicy accounts and you can plug that into Insurlink.

2. You can add additional divisions to the master AMS/Sagitta account for each ePayPolicy account.


Your Account Manager can walk you through these options in more detail, just shoot them an email!

Not yet - but it is on our product roadmap.
Not yet - but it is on our product roadmap.
Yes, you can deactivate the InsurLink Payments integration if needed and still keep your other Vertafore integration payment page. 

All agency bill invoices that are in your management system will automatically appear in InsurLink.
No - you can hide the Policy tab from your end-insured users and show them only the Billing Summary tab.
For AMS360 users an activity and suspense will automatically be created and a .csv file will be provided that can generate cash receipts. For Sagitta users a cash receipt will automatically be created.

Current ePayPolicy User?

3 Step Activation Process

01. / Sign up for ePayPolicy

02. / Complete the integration form

03. / Start collecting digital payments

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