Reverse Payment

Only The Recipient of Funds Can Reverse a Payment.

If you are the payer needing to reverse a payment, please contact your insurance company directly.

Important Details

A void is available if the payment has not been processed. Payments are processed nightly at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Since the payment has not been processed, no transactions fees will be assessed. 

A payment voided after 8 pm Eastern is considered a Refunded Payment and the processing fees will need to be covered by either the agency or the payer. Transaction fees are non-refundable. Therefore, you will incur any portion of the transaction fee that is refunded.

refund is available from the time the payment is settled up to 6 months after the payment is made. Since the payment has been processed transaction fees are assessed. 

  • Full Refund: Refunds the total amount paid. Processing fees are not refundable. If you choose to refund the full amount, your agency will be covering the transaction fee.  
  • Net Refund: Refunds the total amount paid minus the payer fee. 
  • Partial Refund: Refunds a custom amount. This is most commonly used for prorated amounts if a policy is canceled.

How to Reverse a Payment

1. Log into the ePay Dashboard


2. Click the Transaction tab in the the left navigation menu.


3. Search for the transaction and click the Transaction Number.


4. Click Refund Payment in the red box to the right.

5. Select the type of refund.

7. Click Confirm


You and the payer will both receive an email confirmation that the payment has been refunded. The payer can expect the funds to post in their account within 2-10 business days.


Questions? Contact Customer Support at