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We had to change our mission. And get rid of a dinosaur.

When ePay began, our website boldly claimed that we were “on a mission to replace paper checks for all agency billing.” We commissioned a local mural artist to design a massive mural in our office, featuring a giant Godzilla-esque dinosaur burning paper checks across the city. Because, why not?

But like the age of the dinosaurs, that era has come to an end.

Our founders felt the firsthand frustration of slow, manual and delayed payments that relied on checks. That led them to create our first product – our custom payment pages and dashboard – that helped grow ePay to what it is today.

5,500+ insurance companies – carriers, agencies, PFCs, brokers and MGAS – trust ePay with their digital payments.

But unlike the dinosaurs, paper checks haven’t gone away. For many companies, it’s not a quick pivot directly into digital ACH and credit card options, as much as they might prefer it.

Some customers just prefer to pay with checks.

We sat with customers across the country to see how they handled check payments, and the results were all over the place. Some processed daily, others in weekly batches. Others had “check signing parties” (woo) where they blocked out hours of time on a scheduled basis to grind through the often very manual and tedious process of reconciling check payments.

And over the past year, we’ve worked to develop a solution that we’re now proud to introduce: CheckMate.

CheckMate solves the pain of paper payments with rapid and secure check routing and automated reconciliation to your accounting systems. In the same way our digital payment pages are integrated with the most popular management and accounting systems (as well as custom API integrations), CheckMate uses those same integrations to reduce manual, double-work.

Also, no more checks piling up for dreaded “check parties.” CheckMate batches and processes checks every day, and uses the same ePay dashboard as our digital payments. One hub for all your payments. Woo.

As we talked to customers, one of them joked that they’d like to “never touch a paper check again.” With CheckMate, that’s actually possible. You can leave the checks to us.

CheckMate is the next of several enhancements we’ll be announcing over the coming months. If you’re an existing customer, and curious, we’d encourage you to reach out to your account manager or schedule some time here. If you’re new to digital payments for insurance, there’s never been a better time to schedule a demo and see how much time it’ll save your company and your customers.

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