Why ePayPolicy Integration?
  • Integrations make sure all the data displayed on your payment page during the payment process is pulled directly from your accounting system.
  • In some cases, integrations can be handled in just a few minutes, or over email with our Support team.
  • We’ve built integrations with the most popular management systems, and can create custom API integrations as well. 

The average company uses 100+ SaaS (software as a service) tools, according to the most conservative surveys. Some studies double that number. 

Given this high usage of tools designed by different teams, integrations ideally help companies use these tools in concert. Or at least, a little more efficiently.

At ePayPolicy, we talk about integrations often. We want to make payments the easiest thing your business does. But payments don’t exist in a vacuum – there’s a lot of accounting and reconciliation work that comes before and after. 

And integrations help make magic out of that process.

Why Integrate?

Integrations make sure all the data displayed on your payment page during the payment process is pulled directly from your accounting system, and the record of that payment makes its way back to the software your team uses to reconcile the payment to your invoices and accounts. Integrating connects your custom payment page to your open invoices, removing double work, human error and time-sucking manual data entry. 

Integrations create time for you, and allow your teams to refocus efforts elsewhere.

Integrations also unlock specific features that make life easier for both your customers and your account team. Things like: AutoPay, Batch Payables, Invoice Notifications and more. 

Who Should Integrate?

Without putting a firm cap on it, we’d suggest anyone taking more than 10 payments a month consider it. And if you’re in the 30+ bracket, it’s a no brainer.

How Easy is it to Integrate?

Before getting into particulars, we’ll mention that both our Support and Account Management teams do this for our customers all day, every day, and they love to do it. 

A perfectly reasonable reaction for a customer might be “This sounds great, but I don’t know how or have the time to do it.” Great! Let us do it. If you can schedule a meeting with Support and respond to just a handful of email tasks (at most), we can help you do the heavy lifting. 

In many cases, integrations can be handled entirely in 1-2 emails and in just a few minutes. We’ve built them (and continue to build them) to be as easy as possible to set up.

What Integrations does ePayPolicy offer?

A lot. We’ve built integrations with the most popular management systems, and we’re adding more all the time.

But even that isn’t the whole answer, as we routinely create custom API connections for customers using custom, in-house or niche solutions.

Why Don’t Customers Integrate?

We don’t know? But seriously, we ask ourselves this often, and can only assume we’re not articulating the value clearly enough. If you’re taking even a dozen checks, and looking for ways to bring efficiency to your operations, there’s value.

The feedback we do hear, though, is usually along the lines of “Oh, I thought this would be more difficult.” Our insurance customers often come with decades of manual habits, and it’s not just that old habits die hard; it’s that they’ve done enough business to see trends rise and fall, and some tech efforts fall flat.

We also understand, we’re talking about money. Revenue is the lifeblood of your company and we understand the reluctance to touch something so important.

Our advice – take it from the thousands of integrated ePayPolicy customers, and at least discuss it with your account manager so they can explain the specific value to your team.

We’re so confident Integrations will make your life easier, we’ll let you try it free for 60 days. 

Just mention it when you schedule a chat with your account manager.

Want to learn more? Check out our integrations here, or read UIP’s story about how integrations made life easier at their agency. 

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