Introducing: Recurring Online Payments

Recurring Payments

So, what’s the deal with recurring payments?

Well, you guys asked, and ePayPolicy delivered. It’s that simple. (You can just call us your fairy Godmother.) We have an awesome video that details the ins and outs of the feature, but if you haven’t seen it yet, not to worry. We’ll break it down and get you up to speed now.

The Gist:
If you’re a Custom Payment page subscriber, you can now offer customers the option to set up recurring payments. Bonus: Customers can also set frequency and track all payments from a single view.

The Deets:
We embedded the feature where your customers are already making their payments, so they don’t need to navigate or sign up anywhere new.
It’s easy. All customers have to do is:
1.  Sign in (or sign up) to your company’s payment page
2.  Navigate to “Make a Payment”
3.  Fill out the info fields accordingly, selecting “Yes” when they reach the “Recurring Payments” field

4.  Choose a start date, end date, and how frequent they’ll make payments.

After customers are done with set-up, they can head to “Recurring Payments” from the navigation bar to track all payments from one page.

And you? You can sit back in your chair and track all of your clients’ payments by navigating to the “Recurring” menu in your dashboard.

The Perks:
Other than being totally awesome, the recurring payments feature has some pretty great perks that are beneficial to both you and your customers.

Improve Customer Relationships
Recurring payments typically lead to fewer late and missing bills. Which hopefully means fewer awkward late-payment conversations with your customers.

Simplify Life
Just as customers have the ability to track all their payments in one area, you too, can monitor all of your clients’ payments by clicking over to the “Recurring” menu in your dashboard.

Go Green
Making regular payments electronically helps to reduce your customers and your organization’s carbon footprint. Have a client who still can’t seem to ditch paper checks? You can spin recurring payments as a choice that not only benefits you, but also the environment.

The Big Picture:
ePayPolicy listens when our customers talk. When we got word that customers like you wanted this feature, we hustled hard to deliver. The bottom line for us – Continue to make insurance payments as easy and friction-less as possible.

To view a quick tutorial on recurring payments, navigating your dashboard, and more, check out our demo page, or set up a training with our team.

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