CS&A Insurance Gets Paid Lightning Fast with ePayPolicy

Accounting Director Carrie Davis describes how her agency came to offer digital payments. Several CS&A clients had been asking about paying their premiums with a credit card. She looked into options through their AMS vendor. But it seemed complicated and expensive and “not something we wanted to deal with.”

Then, one of their agents got introduced to ePayPolicy at a conference and brought back some literature. Carrie was struck by the simplicity and low cost and called ePayPolicy to learn more. 

The introduction of digital payments through ePayPolicy in March 2020 turned out to be both smart and timely. CS&A launched right before COVID hit, just as businesses started shutting down. From there, “it just took off.”

Primary Problem

Carrie says, “Our biggest collection headaches were slow payers and waiting on the mail to get here.” Enabling clients to pay with a credit card or via ACH has significantly sped up CS&A receivables. This was especially notable during the mail slowdown during the pandemic.

Client Acceptance

The agency’s clients were quick to jump on the digital payment option. All they have to do is click on a link. Carrie reports: “Our CSR account managers have payment links in their emails. We have a link on every invoice.” Plus, there’s a big, green “Pay Now” button right on the CS&A website.

She says most clients like earning points for their credit card payments, although some are paying with ACH.

Carrie doesn’t hesitate at all when asked what her favorite feature is – the ease of use. “It’s easy for us, and for the insureds as well.”

Biggest Benefit to CS&A

“It’s so much quicker to pay now. Sometimes we even get payment before the invoice goes out! We are just waiting for the money to get in once we get the batch report,” notes Carrie. “It’s really improved our collections.”

Advice to Other Agencies

If your agency is just beginning to explore offering digital payments or is actively researching providers, Carrie recommends ePayPolicy. She advises: “Sign up. Just do it. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t.”

About CS&A Insurance

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