WeSignature and ePayPolicy Launch Insurance eSignature Integration

Austin, Texas, January 24, 2023 – WeSignature today announced a partnership with ePayPolicy, a market-leading payments platform for the insurance industry. ePayPolicy will be integrated with WeSignature, enabling WeSignature’s customers with access to robust payment processing capabilities.

ePayPolicy provides an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution that allows carriers, retail agencies, MGAs, and wholesale brokers to get up and running with electronic payments in days, dramatically reducing the number of paper checks they process while also simplifying their accounting reconciliation with automated data entry.

WeSignature is the first e-Sign Sales Cloud offering an alternative to traditional e-signature platforms by focusing on the insurance sales process and not just the action of obtaining a signature. WeSignature’s Send, Sign, and Pay themed portal is bridging the gap between contract execution and payment collection while also adding a human touch with video messages.

“Digital payments are the new standard. Policyholders are used to paying by credit card or ACH,” said ePayPolicy CEO Mark Engels. “With ePayPolicy, WeSignature customers will be able to meet their clients’ demand for digital payments and enhance their digital experience with automated payment reconciliation,” continued Engels.

“Document execution and payment collection have always been a required part of the insurance sales process,” said CEO Ryan Pegram. “Now with the integration between WeSignature and ePayPolicy, our clients can get documents signed and insurance paid for in a single transaction.”

About ePayPolicy
Since its founding in 2014, ePayPolicy has become one of the market-leading E&S-focused solutions, serving over 6,000 customers, processing over $2 billion in payments monthly, and leading in customer satisfaction with customer ratings nearly 5x higher than the market average.

About WeSignature
Founded in 2019, WeSignature is the first e-Sign Sales Cloud with focus on the insurance industry, serving over 2200 active users across industries, processing thousands of documents, and payments monthly.

Insurance Agents Make BIG Investment In Tech – 2020 InsurTech Award Recap

The 2020 InsurTech Award, presented by ePayPolicy, closed applications at the end of September. The award launched in May and received applications from 165 agencies across the country. This annual competition aims to recognize independent agencies that are going above and beyond to implement InsurTech solutions into their business.

We produced a two-page report highlighting topline statistics and data from this year’s InsurTech Award. It is clear that agencies, big and small, are investing in technology and embracing InsurTech tools and solutions. 


InsurTech Award Data
InsurTech Report Pg2