Startups and Street Art: Using Creativity to Inspire Your Agency


There is just something about street art and the start-up culture that blend perfectly together. When you really think about it, it’s easy to see why. Both push the boundaries of existing norms, both require a thirst for adventure, and most importantly, both require a creative vision. There was a time when street art used to be called graffiti and shunned by society — but not anymore. Now you’ll see bright, imaginative murals being painted on anything with a surface. More and more are being commissioned every year, which is a beautiful thing. While traveling through Austin, it’s hard not to notice the vibrantly painted walls of restaurants and offices that bring a fun energy to the city.  We decided that we would join in here at ePayPolicy and spark some new enthusiasm in our office as well. The best never remain stagnant and are always willing to make changes for improvement. You don’t think artists like Banksy, BLU or Justin Bettman got very far with just adding a pop of color, do you?

Inspire Creativity Within Your Workforce

At ePayPolicy we’re all about coming up with new ways to disrupt the norm with a simple solution. Therefore, to spark our own creativity, we brought in some creative inspiration. To encourage some abstract thinking and open the minds of our employees, we decided to collaborate with Mike Johnston, (“Truth”) and his wife Erin. We welcomed them to grace our walls with a mural that captures the essence of the ePayPolicy culture

Mike’s Unreal Transition to Becoming A Street Artist

Mike has made his home base here in Austin, after moving around a lot as a kid. His introduction to creating art came from his obsession of drawing G.I. Joe scenes when he was a child. Today he is his own unique version of a start-up, gaining renown as a visual arts entrepreneur. Mike went from being a school teacher for 10 years to a painter. Traveling to places like Asia, Europe and the Middle East is where it all began … and continues. He started painting on school walls overseas, where his students were the only judges of his artwork. Now people can see his art all around the world. He is best known for his murals with pop culture icons such as Will Smith and Frida Kahlo. His paintings are bound to bring a smile to your face, often featuring bright colors and creative characters. 

Godzilla Meets the Insurance World

If you make your way to our office, you’ll see how Mike and Erin perfectly brought our vision to life. If you take a closer look you’ll see: Gordy Z and his monster buds causing chaos and ripping up checks, Austin’s iconic landmarks such as the Congress Bridge, and credit card bats zooming around the Frost Tower. All of this surrounds the words “Let’s Go”, our company motto. This mural is a depiction of our goal to help the insurance industry easily process digital payments and put a stop to chasing paper checks.  We’re excited to have some new color in the office and a piece of Austin’s culture in the building. For those looking to add a little creativity to your office, we highly recommend finding an artist that you truly love and bringing them in to help share your vision with employees and visitors.