Custom Payment Pages

Get more context when your customers pay. The ePayPolicy custom payment page option offers a variety of options when you set up your organization’s payment portal. Customers get intuitive guidelines each time they make a transaction, and you get the exact details you need to easily reconcile and track funds.

Add Attachments

Attach statements and invoices with the click of a button

Custom Notes Text

Collect agency IDs, policy numbers, and more

Popup Images

Shows payers exactly where to find requested details on their invoices

Custom Disclaimer

Be more transparent with customers

Recurring Payments

Set it and forget it

Create ACH Notices

Alerts payers that ACH may take longer than credit cards

Single Line Form Fields

Provides your team more context when applying funds

Custom Colors

Your payment page should match your company’s brand and style.

Disclaimer Agreement

An extra layer of security before clients hit “Send”