Custom Payment Pages

Get more context when your customers pay. The ePayPolicy custom payment page option offers a variety of options when you set up your organization’s payment portal. Customers get intuitive guidelines each time they make a transaction, and you get the exact details you need to easily reconcile and track funds.

Available Options

Add Attachments: Attach statements and invoices with the click of a button
Custom Notes Text:  Collect agency IDs, policy numbers, and more
Popup Images: Shows payers exactly where to find requested details on their invoices
Custom Disclaimer: Be more transparent with customers
Recurring Payments: Set it and forget it
Create ACH Notices: Alerts payers that ACH may take longer than credit cards
Single Line Form Fields: Provides your team more context when applying funds
Custom Colors: Your payment page should match your company’s brand and style. 
Disclaimer Agreement: An extra layer of security before clients hit “Send”