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Why integrate with AMS360?

With the AMS360 integration, ePayPolicy provides a simple, seamless way to collect payments electronically via credit card or ACH.

Once activated, your ePayPolicy payment page will show the exact balances due by the insured. After a payment has been made, an activity and a suspense will automatically be created within your AMS360 system.

Real-Time Invoicing

Let your insureds review and select which invoices they would like to pay directly from your payment page

Invoice Notifications

Never send an email invoice reminder again, just set the schedule and frequency of your emails and they will auto-send



Allow your client to set up a payment method that will automatically pay invoices when due


Custom Features

Get access to a custom payment page that includes your own disclaimer, colors, and 6 other unique features


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll add at least two unique identifier fields such as an account number and zip code. Once that information is entered on the payment page the invoices associated with that account will be accessible.

Once the questionnaire has been received our support team will be able to activate your integration within 1 - 2 business days.

To set up an integration you will need to switch from your basic payment page subscription to an integration payment page subscription, there are no additional setup costs. Pricing for the integrations varies and can be found at the bottom of the integration landing page.

Yes - showing credits is an option that we can turn on or off. If credits are shown, they will have to be taken against invoices that have a balance. Our system requires the total amount to be greater than zero for a payment to go through.

Yes - This can be handled during the set up process with our support team.

We can enable the "Not Invoiced" option where an insured can make an arbitrary payment for a quote.

The suspense will contain the customer ID, policy effective date, policy ID, and a description including the ePayPolicy transaction ID. It will be assigned to the CSR on the policy and the due date will be set to the time the payment is made.

By default, the suspense is assigned to the CSR assigned to that policy. However you can have all suspenses assigned to a specific CSR. This can be handled during the set up process with our support team.

The action name is "Payment Received."

First, we will turn off the creation of activities and suspenses. Then we will direct the e-receipts to an inbox that ImageRight watches so those records automatically feed into that system.

Invoice Notifications are off by default for all accounts. To turn them on or back off, contact your account manager or our support team.

Please contact your Account Manager or our support team for assistance with this. 

Current ePayPolicy User?

3 Step Activation Process

01. / Sign up for ePayPolicy

02. / Complete the integration form

03. / Start collecting digital payments

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