3 takeaways from NetVU17

It’s been about 2 weeks since we returned from NetVU17 and my head is still swirling. Since I feel like I’ve finally caught my breath, it’s a good time to share some key takeaways from that trip.

Takeaway #1 – Nashville is booming!

I know, I know. I’m late to this story, but I was amazed at how many cranes are up around the Nashville area. What’s really cool about the construction is that even though there are some beautiful hotels going up like the JW Marriot right across the street from the Westin, Nashville isn’t giving up it’s charm. There are still older buildings like the one owned by The Standard (even if you don’t smoke cigars it’s worth the trip).

Takeaway #2 – NetVU17 is the busiest insurance event I’ve ever been to

During our 4 days in Nashville, I barely had time to sleep. It was constant movement from the time we got to the hotel to the time we checked out. There were breakfast meetings, hurried lunches, and long dinners with prospects and partners. In between the food, the exhibit hall was packed. The agencies and brokers were out in full force soaking up as much as they could between sessions and exhibitors. It was such a cool, high energy event. We are definitely looking forward to to NetVU18!

Takeaway #3 – There will be more Vertafore + ePayPolicy in the future

It’s always good to be at a show and bump into our existing customers. Words cannot describe how great it is to see so many people in the flesh after speaking over the phone for months or even years. And that goes the same for our partnership with Vertafore’s team. While we’ve integrated with Vertafore’s Finance Pro and AIM products, we anticipate more integrations on the way. Sit tight and wait for more great news on the horizon.
We hope to see you at NetVU18 in Atlanta. I’m sure it will be another great event.

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