Three Flavors!

As a kid, a visit to the local ice cream shop was the best! The dilemma was deciding on which ice cream flavor to pick. Do I go with my standby or do I try something different? At the end of the day, there wasn’t a bad choice in the entire shop. All were great choices.

Choices abound for ePayPolicy’s agents, brokers / MGAs, and carriers too. Three different flavors of online, payment processing pages will get the job done. It’s up to you decide which fits your needs the best.

  1.  The basic payment page is clean, simple, and extremely intuitive. Our clients can add and size their own logo at the top left. White-labeled branding is the best. And it should be. You have the close relationship with that payer so that connectivity needs to be front and center.
  2.  The custom payment page offers the chance to dial-in the level of information you want to capture from the payer. You can add an upload feature to the page where the payer can attach an invoice or statement to his or her payment. Other optional fields include but are not limited to a phone number, account id, a custom disclaimer, or even a policyholder number. Here’s one of our client’s payment page as an example.
  3.  The integrated (type ‘123’ inside Account Code field) product blends your management system and payments into a dynamic payment page where individual invoices can be recalled from your locally hosted system and displayed. The integrated system supports full, partial, and credit type payments. Our API (free) offers even more customization by adding those attributes that you want the payer to see. All payments are then ported and recorded back into your management system. Vertafore’s AIM product is a platform we’ve recently integrated.

No matter which flavor you choose, payments are processed quickly and efficiently. All parties receive an e-receipt and the payment is immediately reflected in your online dashboard. Any payment flavor is an excellent choice!

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