Legisequine Boosts AR

ePayPolicy Helps Boutique Agency LEGISequine Boost AR

“Horsemen Insuring Horsemen.” That’s the motto of Burbank, California-based LEGISequine. LEGIS agents and staff are passionate about horses, each bringing firsthand experience owning, showing, training, officiating and/or managing equine events. They also have highly specialized insurance knowledge. If it’s a risk associated with a horse or horse business, LEGIS insures it.

Operations Manager Sarah Rajoy shares how ePayPolicy is helping this high-end niche agency.

“We’re a small boutique agency with about 2,000 active clients nationwide. We work with high-net-worth clients, who have high expectations. We’re a luxury item (insurance) for a luxury item (horses). Our clients expect superb service. LEGIS delivers, and ePayPolicy delivers for us.”

Prior to moving to ePayPolicy in August 2020, LEGIS had another online payment system that Sarah describes as “dumb,” because clients could submit a payment, but it did not track to an actual invoice. The agency found ePayPolicy through Vertafore. LEGIS uses Vertafore’s AMS360 management system and integration was (and still is) a major selling point.*

Who Benefits from ePayPolicy

LEGIS agents are happy to offer multiple payment options. “Horse people are on the road a lot for shows and such. Payment due alerts give them time to move money if they need to. And they can pay from anywhere,” Sarah says. “It’s more convenient than writing checks. We also encourage automated payments so our clients can ‘set it and forget it.’”

Sarah’s favorite benefit? Not having to chase down payments. “It’s not my staff’s favorite task,” she admits. ePayPolicy sends out receivables notices, thus automating the dunning process. Sarah comments on the impact:

“I was looking at the numbers. We have decreased our aging receivables by 75 percent. That’s huge!”

Above-and-Beyond Service

Sarah makes a point of mentioning ePayPolicy’s above-and-beyond service. “I know we’re not the typical ePayPolicy client. Sometimes you’ll get a vendor that throws up their hands at a request. They say, ‘No way. That’s impossible. It won’t work.’ Not ePayPolicy. They work with you.” As an example, LEGIS had a situation involving collaboration between ePayPolicy and Vertafore engineers. Sarah says: “It was tricky. But they stayed on it and they got it done.”

In fact, she says the whole team has been great to work with. “Our service rep (Al) stays in touch just to check in. Sarah explains: “The more you live in a high-service community, the more you refuse to tolerate poor service yourself. ePayPolicy provides a caliber of service that we’re proud to offer our clients.”

Advice to Other Agencies

If you’re not sure about offering online payments or about choosing a digital payment processor for your agency, consider LEGISequine’s experience. “The biggest thing we learned is how much we could allocate resources away from AR and use them to write new business. We put that staff time into quoting and issuing policies. When you’re small and lean like LEGIS, that’s been the biggest win of all.”

*ePayPolicy integrates with today’s most popular agency management systems. If you don’t see your AMS here, please ask. Likely we’re in negotiations with your system vendor right now!

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